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  1. I quite like it, actually. I will definitely check this out, along with his last release - i missed that one too.
  2. Casanova - S/T Aces High - Pull No Punches Autograph - Send Her To Me
  3. Reckless Love - S/T Taking Dawn - Time To Burn Brother Firetribe - False Metal
  4. Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid! Casanova - All Beauty Must Die China - S/T
  5. Faster Pussycat - S/T Marchello - Destiny Aces High - Forgive & Forget
  6. Been listening to a few albums i haven't listened to in years: Aces High - Ten 'n Out Bad Moon Rising - S/T Aldo Nova - Blood on the Bricks Alias - S/T Having one of the best Sunday evenings i've had in a long time!
  7. Taime Downe from Faster Pussycat and Steve Summers from Pretty Boy Floyd.
  8. This sounds good! Looking forward to the album now!!
  9. Britny Fox - Boys In Heat Keep forgetting how good this one is. "Angel In My Heart" is an awesome song, and most other tracks are excellent as well!
  10. Excellent album. "Don't Turn Away", "Dry Your Eyes", "October Wind" & "Mackinaw Avenue" are killer tracks, and most other songs on this one are great as well.
  11. The song "Don't Speak" by No Doubt
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