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Avoid This seller

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Most of you know there has always been a double standard on Evil bay (E Bay).

Those sellers who are high volume and make lots of money for E Bay continually violate E Bay's policies with nary a warning word spoken to them.....


The average "Joe Blow" however can commit the most minor infraction and reap the rath of the Ebay Police......


Example: I recently posted concerning a new policy the prohibits sellers from encouraging buyers to pay with cash or use off line money transfer services, specifically "Western Union". Two weeks ago, I was listing some items and E bay removed my listing telling me that it violated their "sellers policy". I had to change language in my listing and remove references to accepting cash and Western Union......


Back on January 4, I purchased two CDs from a seller using buy it now. I immediately paid with PAYPAL and waited almost 6 weeks for my CDs to arrive. I e mailed the seller to inquire about my CDs and the seller told me they were on BACKORDER and had not arrived. I told the seller that E Bay sellers policy required them to sell the item that I had won. The seller in turn, refunded my payment after 6 weeks. I wrote back and told the seller I did not request a cancellation, that I in fact wanted my product per e bay policy. The seller did not comply.


I filed a complaint with E Bay on Feb 24. You can look at the seller's feedback and see that they are still very much in business and are continuing their same activity unbridled. This seller has more negative feedback than any I've ever seen and all for basically the same offense. Not having the product availabe they are offering to sell. Now, as I see it, this seller is using other people's money for 4 to 6 weeks or more and then returning it. Paypal's money market is now paying around 2.50% and banks are offering CDs in the 4.00 +% range. With the volume this seller is doing, they are making money just keeping other people's money in their paypal account for over a month and returning it to them.

This is the sort of activity that provokes class action suits against E Bay, PayPal and other giant corporations who are unresponsive.


Here is the link to the seller's feedback...........




Shame on me for not looking at the seller's feedback closely before making this purchase. Had I done so, I would have saved myself some grief.

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I have noticed alot of that going on......Having things listed that are not actually in stock......I looked at both the seller's Delbert and T-Bone listed links for, and damn the negative feedback is horrible........This is why nowadays i look at the seller's feedback, and if has many negatives i do not even bother.......Also unless they are a very reputable seller or someone in which i have done business with before, i steer clear.........A couple of other seller's that come to mind are:


Movie Marz

a1 books






and there are many many more.........




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Geez, the more of these threads I read, the more glad I am that I don't regularly buy stuff on eBay... I tend to get outbid most of the time anyway cuz I'm cheap :) Sucks that you guys have so much trouble though!!!

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Regarding to the strict PayPal policy the seller is oblidged to ship within 7 (SEVEN) business days after receiving the payment.


I guess technically that means you should automatically get refunded if you receive the item later and it shows postmark older than 7 days of your payment date. Not to mention this douncebag never states in the item description the items he sells are not in stock and will be ordered only after someone wins them... what a cheap and nasty practice!

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