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How picky is everyone else on the condition of a CD part 2

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Ok, here we go...just wanted some other opinions to see if I was being too anal about this. I won an auction for a copy of the Cleavage - The Demo cd. The auction description listed the cd & inserts as being in "excellent condition". When it arrived, I noticed the following problems:


1) Crease running the entire length of the left hand side of the front insert (front insert improperly placed in jewel case & closed


2) Tab indentation on bottom left of front insert (again, front insert improperly placed in jewel case & closed)


Now normally I would let something like these 2 flaws slide & not even mention them to the seller, but when forking over this much coin for a disc (around $70) I think it's ok to be a little picky...


3) The tab indentation mentioned above is so bad that it actually tore the front insert.


This last one is the one that bugs me the most & caused me to email the seller with my list of complaints & ask for a partial refund.


Any comments of thoughts on the matter would be appreciated guys. Thanks

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Not excellent condition and if I were you I would be ripping :angryfire: especially after forking out that many jingles...A tab indent...OK ....the crease is pretty unforgivable and a tab indent almost ripping the insert is absolutely ludicrous, to even say excellent when it would be good at best...I would be looking for a refund...at least a partial

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I'm with Lindsay, if it was a cheap CD like under $10 then I'd probably let it slide bit still be pissed, if it was an expensive CD ($20+) then I'd complain since 1) you paid a lot for it and 2) it will be hard or not cheap to replace with another copy. However complaining may not get you anywhere as in my case this past month.


To followup on my Stranger CD that started the first version of this topic, I've emailed the seller several times after receiving the disc and not one reply. I emailed like 7-8 times before I even got the disc since shipping was so slow and didn't get a reply then. So basically I have not ever gotten an email back from this person but you can check their feedback and still see they are buying and selling stuff so. So basically the only thing I can do now is leave negative feedback and then wait for it in return probably.

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For me the price is a factor but sometimes it still pisses me off.


A while ago I won a cd on ebay and when it arrived, it was missing the back insert. I rechecked the item description to make sure that I didn't miss reading this info. When I looked at the description again, it didn't say anything about the back insert missing. I was a little upset but luckily the cd only cost me a couple of bucks. I emailed the seller and he said he would refund the cd (minus the initial shipping plus the shipping to return the cd). I was like, no way. Both shipping cost were double what I paid for the cd, so I just wrote it off as a learning expierence.


I did leave the guy a neutral feedback and of course he retaliated back with a neutral saying that he offered a refund. :angryfire:


Sometimes you just can't win :crazy:

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Just a quick update on my situation...first reply from the seller was not very promising. He insisted that he checked all his cd's very carefully & noted ALL tab marks, creases, etc & suggested that maybe the damage occured during shipping. He then offered a refund (less shipping costs) if I returned the cd. I sent him a few scans of the damage & as politely as I could told him that it was obvious that this damage happened prior to shipping the cd, & that I didn't doubt that he checked his cd's, but he must have overlooked this one. To make a long story short (too late) he ended up refunding me 10 bucks, which was ok by me.

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