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Cherry Monroe

66 mustang

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These guys are from my backyard....if you like them you have to check out Sinomatic and Dear Violet.The singer of those 2 bands Ken Cooper actually signed Cherry Monroe to his label before they were signed to a bigger label.Sinomatic and Dear Violet are much better bands IMO.


You know it! Sinomatic were great and it is a shame that they didn't stay together. Dear Violet were good as well, but Sinomatic, hands down.


I have Cherry Monroe s/t and while admittedly only having listened to it once, I don't see the hype. I mean, I'm in LOVE with the 40 Ft. album, but couldn't stand this. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot and then reevaluate.

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This is one CD I really must pull off the shelves. I remember expecting some crappy Cherry St-type band but was actually surprised by a very good, hook-friendly modern rock album. Good stuff, from what I recall.

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For anyone interested in these guys, their CD is pretty much being given away at Secondspin. At the moment they have a buy 2 get your 3rd CD free offer, but when they have one of their better sales pick it up for a bargain. I think I got mine for about $1.37 in a good sale (postage included).


Not the best CD ever, but not the worst either. Actually pretty enjoyable and killer value for money. They remind me of a slightly weaker Die Trying.



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