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Seven Year Witch (Rockers from South Carolina)

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May be an image of 4 people and guitar


I think some folks here would probably enjoy these guys...

Hard rockers from Anderson, SC. Two CDs out, "Songs Our Mothers Love" (2018) and "Vampire Calamity" (2024)


Home | Seven Year Witch








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Big 70's vibe; not my thing. But they look the part, at least. Kind of... maybe not that guy's mo. 

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    • I'm still waiting for my copy  Mike, have you received a copy?
    • From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics continues their partnership with acclaimed British melodic rock band RIO for the release of their second album – now presented with a new title and brand-new artwork – both driven by the band’s vision for what the second album should have looked like when originally released. The band’s Steve Rodford sets the record straight: “We are finally be able to address the dreadful original album cover and name. Titled ’Sex Crimes’, this was our 2nd and last album for Music For Nations and the fact that Elektra Records in the States (who had licenced the first album from MFN) hadn’t taken up the option of a 2nd album, meant the budget for this album was nowhere near what we had for ’Borderland’. When it came to the cover art, the label had gone ahead and designed it without consulting us, and it was quite a shock to see they’d gone with a topless woman with angel wings and a whip! It all felt so seedy and we both hated it. Then they told us there was no budget left to re-design it! So it feels so good to be able to finally re-package the whole thing in a much cooler way, and also with a new name, both of us feeling that ’Dangerzone’ is a better and more representative lead track for the record. Finally, to have the whole thing re-mastered is a real joy, getting it in a better place sonically rounds things off perfectly.” So with that said, RIO’Dangerzone’ will be released by MRC June 30, with new artwork from the band and remastered by JK Northrup. Track Listing: 01. Pay For Love 02. Under Pressure 03. Atlantic Radio 04. Highschool Rock 05. Guilty 06. When The Walls Come Down 07. Danger Zone 08. Sex Crimes 09. Dirty Movies 10. Bad Blood Bonus Tracks: 11. Atlantic Radio (Original Demo) 12. Guilty (Original Demo) 13. Pay For Love (Original Demo) Vocals, Guitar & Backing Vocals – Jon Neil Drums, Bass & Keyboards – Steve Rodford Additional musicians: Backing Vocals – John Verity All songs written and arranged by – Jon Neil, Steve Rodford Producer and 1st Engineer – Steve Rodford Remastered by JK Northrup Additional tracks – Original demos produced and mixed by Steve Rodford. Artwork design: Jon Neil Willoughy @StudioWibblee Pre-orders for RIO are open now. CD released June 30 on MelodicRock Classics    
    • Not familiar with the live show, but very much doubt any of the original singers will performing.
    • Frontiers Music srl    ·   NIKOLO KOTZEV’S NOSTRADAMUS ROCK OPERA: "LIVE IN SOFIA" & ALBUM REISSUE! Frontiers proudly announces the release of Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus “Live In Sofia” and the original double album reissue, out July 19th! First single and video, “The Eagle”, out now! Watch the official video for “The Eagle” https://ffm.to/nikolokotzevtheeagle.OFP Nikolo Kotzev shares: “Dear friends of Nostradamus The Rock Opera! Here is "The Eagle” - one of the best songs, played live by nearly 120 people onstage, oozing energy and great talent! Stay tuned for the fantastic release of "Nostradamus Live” - nearly two hours of a rock opera explosion!” Originally released in 2001, the Nostradamus rock opera featured legendary vocalists like Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Jorn Lande, and more, backed by a 35-piece orchestra. Performed live for the first time in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria, this monumental opus is now available in stunning live and reissued formats.
    • ooh that song is much better than the last on e. love it. Bon Jovi Wild In The Streets clone at times though
    • Lyric video for 'Teenage Rebel'.    
    • That Crown Of Thorns debut is still one of my favourite releases...brilliant...as is Voodoo X if I'm being honest  
    • One of the great talents of our music. It's great to hear he's still performing.   
    • Oh, and there was this collaboration last year  
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