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Notörious - Marching On


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From Pride & Joy Music:


Pride & Joy Music is happy to announce the addition of Norwegian Glam influenced Hard Rock & Metal band Notörious to its roster!

NOTÖRIOUS will release their second album "Marching On" worldwide by January 19th 2024 on Pride & Joy Music!

"Marching On" is a continuation of the anthemic heavy metal heard on their debut album "Glamorized" (2020). It is full of catchy tunes that will make you want to party all night!

Although the album is deeply rooted in classic rock and glammy heavy metal, NOTÖRIOUS includes a sub-genre of which their native home of Bergen, Norway is known for; black metal - creating their own spin to the genre; "True Norwegian Glam Metal" on the title track.

It is clear that NOTÖRIOUS has evolved into a different beast with "Marching On", delivering a more raw, honest and less polished live sound. A pure rock & roll album at its core but with a vigalant attitude - exactly what you need.

"Marching On" was recorded and mixed at Polyfon Studio by Leif Herland, and mastered by Rhys Marsh.



1. Intro

2. Manimal

3. All Night

4. Ain’t No Stoppin (feat. Mark Boals)

5. Ten Minutes

6. Eternal Fire

7. Remember You

8. Venom

10. Marching On (feat. Henrik Skar)




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I have an ill feeling I never got around to checking out their debut, but I'm going to do that asap.

Countless bands try and fail at this style these days. I was trying to think of the last decent band and I think it was maybe Loud N Nasty... whenever that was. Seems like an age ago. Either way, a lot of bands make a meal of it and I kind of expected the same from this, but I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't hate a slightly more polished product, but where they excel is the song writing. Very good stuff. That 'All night' tune above is my favourite on here. 

'Manimal,' riff and all, is my second pick, but most songs are pretty damn good on this.  


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On 12/29/2023 at 11:00 AM, Stefan said:

New song 'Marching On'.



The debut was a surprise favourite of mine back in 2020. It kinda flew under the radar. This sophomore release should see greater recognition for Notorious. Again we have a sleazy hard rock sound on the heavier end of the spectrum. What blows me away though is this title track. Talk about a genre mash up. We have guest death metal vocals over a sleazy anthem. Somehow it works. It is a phenomenal track! There is no second album slump here. Great stuff.

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“Eternal Fire”


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