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Does anybody know if this site really is ligit? The price looks too good to be true given that most mp3 sites charge around 1 Euro a song here.


I've seen they have been going for years though so I'm tempted to give it a go.


Has anybody got anything good/bad to say about them?

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Peter, do a search and look for Mothermetal. I know we had a big ordeal here about that site about a year or so ago

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Peter, do a search and look for Mothermetal. I know we had a big ordeal here about that site about a year or so ago


You learn something every day. I tried that earlier but now I realise the search is configurable as to which section it searches. Now I get a lot more. Bloody new users hey.


A few excited people on the topic I see :-)


Nice pic by the way.

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Mothermetal is alright in my book. They've been around for a few years now, so I'm sure if they weren't legit, they'd have fallen under the RIAA's scrutiny by now...it's a quick way to get hold of a few of the lesser known bands, and there are some pretty obscure offerings there as well, like the early Pantera stuff, and the Slash Puppet disc....



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As far as the "legit" part goes, I don't know about all that stuff (but, like it was mentioned, if they weren't, I'm sure they'd have been red-flagged by now.)


I've done it a few times and been happy with the results. They're pretty helpful when having a question as well.

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    • Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce that they have extended their relationship with Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx for the release of more new studio albums, a renewal of the license for their catalog releases, and a special upcoming release, the first to be released under the new agreement, featuring remixes, re-records, and unreleased/new songs that will be out before the year's end. Further details on that release will be forthcoming. Additionally, the band has announced upcoming tour dates with the legendary W.A.S.P. Nation (Official) in Europe. Dates are as follows: April 08 - Hamburg - April 09 - Copenhagen - * April 11 - Malmo - * April 13 - Tampere - * April 14 - Helsinki - * April 15 - Oulu - * April 16 - Umea - * April 18 - Sundsvall - * April 19 - Gavle - * April 20 - Eskilstuna - * April 21 - Karlstad - * * Supporting W.A.S.P. "I'm really happy to have reached a new deal with Frontiers Music, whom Crazy Lixx have worked with for nearly 15 years, releasing six studio albums and one live album to this day. Leading up to this new record deal we've talked a lot about the ever changing music business and the place for rock music (and naturally Crazy Lixx) in it and I now feel confident that we are all on the same page and have the motivation, drive and willingness to try new things in order to reach the next level in the years to come. Work has already started on the coming releases and I can't wait to tell our listeners about it," says Crazy Lixx vocalist Danny Rexon. "We've had a long working relationship with Danny Rexon and Crazy Lixx over the years and I consider them one of the truly great acts on the Frontiers' roster. Danny's passion and creativity and great production work, also with Chez Kane, and songwriting are an honor to have in our family! Danny's also got an insightful mind for the business and is a great and welcome collaborator for how we can continue to creatively promote Crazy Lixx in the ever-changing world of the music industry. Long live Crazy Lixx and long live ROCK," adds Serafino Perugino, President and Head of A&R, Frontiers Records. With millions of streams across digital platforms and millions upon millions of video views on YouTube, album after album, Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx have continuously carved in stone their reputation as true leaders of the Scandinavian led ‘80s hard rock revival. With views in the millions for popular videos like “Wild Child” and “Hunter of the Heart” on Youtube, outstanding streaming numbers for tracks like “Blame It On Love”, "Hell Raising Women”, and “XIII”, and "Wild Child" being featured in the Nicolas Cage horror movie “Willy’s Wonderland,” Crazy Lixx are steadily continuing on their march for world domination. LINE-UP: Danny Rexon - Vocals Jens Anderson - Bass Joél Cirera - Drums Chrisse Olsson - Guitar Jens Lundgren - Guitar Social Media: https://pulse.ly/ueo8hghluv https://www.youtube.com/@CrazyLixx https://pulse.ly/3ki5bvwguu
    • Battle Beast - Far From Heaven      
    • Dangerous Toys - Sugar, Leather & The Nail  
    • Dangerous Toys - Hellacious Acres
    • Flip the Switch-Rolling Stones
    • Aerosmith-King Biscuit Flower Hour Cheap Trick-S/T (1997) Deep Purple-Live at Montreux 2006 Del Amitri-Twisted Joe Jackson-Night and Day King Crimson-The ConstruKction of Light Madonna-Something To Remember... Manowar-The Dawn of Battle Nelly-Sweat Now 45-Compilation Iggy Pop-Lust For Life Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow-S/T Rammstein-Herzeleid The Romantics-S/T Spektra-Overload The Who-Face Dances
    • Wasted Years-Iron Maiden
    • good tune.  I'll check out their previous stuff while I wait for August 18, 2023 to roll around. 
    • Most of us have been picked up by Pride & Joy and I guess that will be the case with these guys too, unless Escape, Seravecchio or some other label pick them up.
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