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70s Style Glam Rock


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Anyone here a fan of 1970s style glam rock? Eg. Mott the Hoople, Slade, Sweet, early Bowie.

Gotta say I love this stuff, I know it's not heavy as we are used to, but still...

Love to hear if anyone likes glam rock here and what their favourite album is.

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Born in the early 70s so I grew up on it, as did many of the 80s glam metal bands.

Bands like Sweet, T-Rex and Slade are a big influence on the 80s bands, and not just the Brit bands like Def Leppard (a band who openly admit how much of their sound is inspired by these acts). Hell, look at Quiet Riot who had their biggest hit single with a Slade cover, so even stuck another one on their next album. Britny Fox also covered Slade. And I cant count how many bands have covered Sweet and T-Rex. Hell even Gary "the pedo" Glitter has been covered by a few artists here and there.

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