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Tony Harnell rejoins TNT -- Part 952


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TNT is back! More than 40 years after it all started we’re very happy to announce that 2023 will be an explosive year as brothers in rock Tony Harnell, Ronni LeTekrø and Diesel Dahl once again are gathering forces on stage. We are thrilled to also announce that our first show for next year is Tons of Rock Festival in Oslo, the weekend of June 22nd-25th. Tickets on sale Friday this week!
More news to follow!
Can’t wait to see you all on the road next year!
Tony, Ronni, Diesel
From Blabbermoth.com:

It's Official: TNT Reunites With Singer TONY HARNELL Once Again

November 8, 2022

Earlier today (Tuesday, November 8),Tony, Diesel and Ronni released the following statement via social media: "TNT are back! More than 40 years after it all started we're very happy to announce that 2023 will be an explosive year as brothers in rock Tony Harnell, Diesel Dahl and Ronni LeTekrø once again are gathering forces on stage. We are even more happy to tell everyone that our first show announcement for next year is Tons of Rock Festival in Oslo, the weekend of June 22nd-25th. Tickets on sale Friday this week.

This past March, Le Tekrø confirmed to the "Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz" that he had been in touch with Harnell about a renewed collaboration. Speaking about the group's status, Ronni said: "I've started writing new material, and I'm currently having good talks with Tony and the whole band. We have very much communication. And it's been 40 years [since TNT's formation]. But we're trying to bring the band back together and hopefully make one last tour of Europe and maybe America… I think we might wanna end the TNT chapter with dignity and do one last tour."
In April 2021, Harnell, who has been in and out of TNT several times throughout its four-decade existence, told "The Chuck Shute Podcast" that he didn't rule out returning to the band. "Ronni and I, contrary to popular belief, we talk often," he said. "Ronni's not a big technology guy, but he really loves FaceTime video. And it's kind of annoying, because I love him, but he'll call me early in the morning, 'cause he's overseas, so he'll call me early in the morning [for a] video chat, and I'm, like, in bed. But I love the guy. Whatever happens, we'll be on a beach someplace when we're in our 70s, laughing and hanging out.
"Most of the things that pushed us apart — again, contrary to popular belief — are business related," he continued. "I'll just leave it at that.
"'Never say never' is a good way to put it [regarding a possible new TNT album]. And there might be a time and a place."
Harnell's most recent split with TNT took place in October 2017, less than a year and a half after he rejoined the group. He later described his relationship with TNT in an "Unphiltered" interview as "a very long marriage. I'm here [in New York], they're there [in Norway] — they're across the pond really far away. It's a very difficult situation to be in without having a very unified business organization, and no matter what I did, I could not get the thing unified. We were just on two totally separate not only continents physically, but mentally, psychologically, we were on two different continents as well."

Harnell said that he "really, really wanted" his latest collaboration with TNT to work out. "In my opinion, this was gonna be it — we were gonna stay together until I didn't feel like singing anymore," he said. 'I was gonna do other things and do other projects and so forth, but my goal was that TNT would be my band for at least another five years, maybe 10 years or whatever, until it ran its course. So this was kind of an unexpected thing."

In a 2019 interview with "80's Glam Metalcast", Le Tekrø said that he was still on good terms with Harnell. "Definitely," he said. "We talk regularly and we're even discussing making a kind of Page/Plant album, a Harnell/Le Tekrø album, which could maybe lead into something in the future. But I think me and Tony Harnell — I'm speaking not on behalf of him, but on behalf of myself — we need a different playground to do more extensive hard rock with other ideas, whereas TNT is more limited to a [specific] sound. You see what I mean? So, we're definitely buddies, and that will last forever. We don't hate each other, and we never did. That was never the [case]."

TNT's latest studio album, "XIII", came out in June 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. The band's thirteenth LP was TNT's first to feature vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara, who replaced Harnell. Baol is a Spanish singer whose debut with TNT happened in front of 8,000 fans in November 2017 when the band opened for German hard rock legends the SCORPIONS in Oslo, Norway.
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But where’s Morty? 

If this results in a new album I will lend my excitement then, as I honestly believe this combination is still entirely capable of excellent new music. 

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From Bravewords https://bravewords.com/news/tnt-recording-new-music-with-returning-singer-tony-harnell :




Norwegian rockers TNT have shared on social media they are in at Studio Nyhagen laying the first basic tracks for new music. This is the first set of new music since vocalist Tony Harnell announced his return to the band in November 2022. 

Harnell’s last studio album with TNT was 2005’s All The Way To Sun, released on MTM Records. TNT’s most recent album was XIII – issued in 2013 on Frontiers Records. 

TNT will perform at the Tons Of Rock Festival in Oslo taking place June 22-24 2023. Find tickets here


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1 hour ago, AlphaMale said:

No Tony?

Probably no reason for him to be in the studio until they get some tracks laid down for him to sing with… either that, or he was just in the shitter when they took pics 

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Cool info. I'll be really interested to hear what they come up with. I really hope the magic between the two of them is still there and we get another great TNT album. One that erases everything since Harnell left. 

In hearing interviews with both dudes from the last few years, it doesn't sound like there was animosity in the split. It seemed possible this would/could happen again, though I recall both of them saying they'd like to do a Harnell/Le Tekro album, separate from TNT. I'm personally glad we can look forward to new (proper) TNT. 

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