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DeVicious returns via Metalapolis Records


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DeVicious is excited and proud to announce their return to Metalapolis Records. 

Last Thursday DeVicious has signed a multi-record deal for the next three albums with Metalapolis Records where the band has already released the albums Reflections & Phase Three.

After releasing 4 albums since 2018 and having to replace 2 singers, DeVicious finally found their permanent frontman with Baol Bardot Bulsara, the current singer of TNT. With him they entered the studio on July 1st and have completed production on their new long player yesterday.

After negotiating with several national and international labels, DeVicious and Metalapolis decided to continue to where they left off in 2020 in order to further establish both brands on the international Market.


STATEMENT  Alex Frey (DeVicious)

We are back home were we belong. We were talking to several labels earlier this year for several months when we met Eddy & Nico at a Violet Official (btw. the band to watch in 2023) in Karlsruhe, Germany. We talked for less than 5 minutes, I told them my Vision, they told me theirs. We shook hands, deal done, because this was the only offer that made sense to me. The personal assistance, the decision making and the fact that they care about the music above anything else made this important decision one of the easiest since we started our journey.

The production for the new album was finished yesterday and starting next Monday we will reveal details about it over a series of days. Starting next weekend the pre-orders will start for our 5th and by far best album. We can’t wait to show off Baol and the new songs.
STATEMENT Nico Prontzas (Metalapolis)
The boys are back! Eddy and I met Alex at a Violet show at Soundcheck One in Karlsruhe. We chat a bit and immediately we all felt we can’t part without the decision to work together again in the future. DeVicious always was a synonym for great music and I can promise, the upcoming album is their best album ever! More news following soon.


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What was wrong with Antonio Callera or whatever his name was? Sure, he was a bit weird in the music videos but I thought he was an OK singer. I'm getting a bit tired of bands replacing singers like they used to replace drummers. It's nucking futs!

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'Code Red' out May 26th next year.


1. Are You Ready For Love
2. Highway To The Stars
3. Madhouse
4. Stuck In Paradise
5. No More Tears
6. Raise Your Life
7. Not Anymore
8. House Of Cards
9. All My Life
10. Walk From The Shadows
Bonus Track:
11. Penthouse Floor 2023

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