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1985 - Choose your album


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Van Zant - S/T

(Fortune -S/T)

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    • Yeah, it's kind of a red flag now. I appreciated you mentioning that it was the same crowd. Allowed me to hold off, in case this type of thing happened, which is did. More inclined to wait for the night of the show if one ever goes ahead and buy a ticket at the door. Happy to risk missing out by not getting in early. Thank god Skid Row was rescheduled, as some tickets for the sold out Melbourne show became available, which is snagged  
    • I was meaning the promoters who had the fiasco should had a look how run a festival. As for two supports end up playing, and as early week when I talk to drummer of another band not Taste, they still had not been paid. Yes, it was the Deadthings was the backing band for Steve Rachelle.
    • Good band, always enjoy their gear. Need to check if I actually have this one as I possibly missed it. 
    • Yeah, I noticed this at some point through the year but chose not to mention it as I share your sentiments about the "new" track. Definitely not worth tarnishing the album by adding that onto it. Otherwise, it's magnificent. 
    • lol, definitely got the names mixed up there. But that's cool, that there's two original members. When I saw "Tuff" it was Stevie Rachelle and The Deadthings as a back-up band if I recall correctly. There'd been issues with getting his US band out here at the time, which didn't feature any past members of Tuff either way, at the time. 
    • It was Todd Chaisson. George DeSaint left the band with Todd in 1991 after an incident where Jorge was teasing one of the crew about being 'clean' and with a line of coke. Todd came back, Jorge didn't. My ideal Euro line up at the moment would be (following Glamfest with 6 internationals) Kissin' Dynamite The New Roses Bai Bang Dynazty Wig Wam The Poodles Dangerous Curves - as the local act
    • The promoters should not be applauded for delivering what they said, that should be expected. This was Silverback who weren't part of the fiasco regardless. What the promoters should hear is how the sound was very average and that they need to get it right next time. Stevie posted about the shows and asked fro good and bad feedback, so I gave him that. Once I sooked online on a Silverback post that their shows always have too many local acts which reduce the sets of the main acts (which generally are +/- hour - Pop Evil, Corabi does MC94, etc) and they just deleted it rather than hearing an opinion.
    • I have Vain's 'Move on it' as a 1993 release in Japan? Otherwise, put it on the top of my list. Or somewhere near it anyway...   
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