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Was just wondering if anyone has ever ordered anything from a site called ARTIC ROCK,they are apparently in Finland and sell online Rock, Metal cds and suchlike.

I have never heard of them until today but when I searched for a cd to buy they came up as pretty much the only store who have it in stock...they have a few I'd like but I don't want to order until I am sure,I have emailed them about the items so we'll...you know when something looks too good to be true it probably is scenario

Website looks legit (they all do I suppose) but not really much information online about them at all when I search...maybe Stefan would know who they are? 

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Well,I went ahead and ordered form these guys and I can say that they offered a great service,after receiving an invoice and dispatch notification a week or so ago my order arrived today,cd was sealed as advertised,I'm well pleased  :)

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