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Crisix-The Pizza EP


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If this doesn't tickle you than your beyond help...

Below from Dustin Hardman & Listenable Records

Barcelona's Ultra Thrash merchants CRISIX are unleashing a brand new track ' World Needs Mosh' on July 23rd as a first video single on the band's channel and on all DSPs . The track is taken from their upcoming ' The Pizza EP ' mini album out on Sept 10th (EU) and Sept 24th (US).
 'Fresh from video recording a live show at Hellfest From Home event organised by Hellfest in France and aired on Arte national TV channel,'  

'World Needs Mosh' is a vigorously abrasive, brutally catchy Thrashing Moshing extravaganza!

Watch CRISIX : ‘World Needs Mosh’ video HERE 

CRISIX brand new record 'The Pizza EP' is available as a limited edition Pizza box of ONLY 100 COPIES WORLDWIDE solely available from LISTENABLE records store including an exclusive yellow/ red marble vinyl version (100 copies) , exclusive pizza cutter, cook hat, patch and T shirt . Other variants are a clear vinyl with white splatter (100 copies), Transparent Red vinyl and compact disc. CD and Vinyl may contain a ghost bonus track 'Pizza cuts from the studio' but don't tell anyone!

CRISIX have become a touring machine, rampaging European clubs and festivals with incredible enthusiasm, don't miss the band's upcoming live savagery 'World needs Mosh' European tour with fellows INSANITY ALERT .
CRISIX were also confirmed for Hellfest 2022, playing the Main-Stage on June 24th.  
Crisix will play at Motorcultor festival on 21,8. 2021.
Watch CRISIX Hellfest from Home HERE

Pre order CRISIX : ’The Pizza ep’ HERE
Buy Crisix albums and merch HERE

Catch Crisix on tour with Insanity Alert in September and November 2021
around Europe.


World Needs Mosh w Insanity Alert
10.9.2021 Gaswerk, Winterhur, Swiss
 11.9.2021 Live stage, Innsbruck, A
 12.9.2021 Rock Cafe, Praga, CZ
 13.9.2021 Arena, Wien, A
 14.9.2021 Rockhouse, Salzburg, A
 15.9.2021 Backstage, Munich, GER
 16.9.2021 Cafe Central, Weinheim, GER
 17.9.2021 TBA GER
 18.09.2021 Metal Experience Fest, Leiden, NL
 19.9.2021 De Pul, Uden, NL
 20.9.2021 Béi Chéz Heinz, Hannover, GER
 23.9.2021 Chemiefabrik, Dresden, GER
 15.10.2021 Girona, ES
 17.11.2021 Juha West, Stuttgart, GER
 18.11.2021 Slow Club, Freiburg im Braisgau, GER
 19.11.2021 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, GER
 20.11.2021 Rockbox, Luxemburg, LUX
 21.11.2021 Bla, Bonn, GER
 22.11.2021 Baroeg, Rotterdam, NL
 23.11.2021 Cafe de Meister, Geleen, NL
 24.11.2021 Bastard Club, Osnabruck, GER
 25.11.2021 Willemeen, Arnhem, NL
 26.11.2021 Poppodium Iduna, Drachten, NL
 27.11.2021 Mise Metal Meeting, Homberg Ohm, GER

24.6.2022 Hellfest 2022 (Main stage with Alice Cooper, Kreator, Megadeth)

 More European festivals 2022 TBA

The Menace (2011)
Rise..Then rest (2013)
Blue to Black (Listenable 2016)
Against the Odds (Listenable 2018)
Sessions: #1 American Thrash (Listenable 2019)
Juli Bazooka: Vocals
Javi Carry: Drums
B.B. Plaza: Guitars
Albert Requena: Guitars
Pla Vinseiro : Bass


World Needs Mosh:  https://youtu.be/TEDXQtqLT1s 
Get Out Of My Head:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h0pUY3O7rM
Leech Breeder:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVdgz_tn60k 
Ultra Thrash:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq8zQIP5sxY 


@Dead Planet @All Nights Reserved @Leykis101

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