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Christian 101: 1985-1995 albums


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So, the peak period of Christian market releases in the styles that we love was between 1985-1995. So, it is easier to make that the 10 year stretch to pick 101 albums from 101 artists.

Same rules: 1 album per artist, must be released between 1985 and 1995, must be of a genre/style that would feature in HH, no live or best ofs, I must own a copy of the album. 

Also, the album must be released primarily in the Christian market rather than general market by their label. So, no Stryper etc. (they get an honourable mention).

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1.       20/20 Blind – Never Far (1994) Hard Rock

2.       Allies – Man With a Mission (1992) AOR

3.       Altar Boys – Gut Level Music (1986) Hard Rock

4.       Angelica – Rock, Stock and Barrel (1991) Glam

5.       Applehead – Meaning (1992) Stoner Rock

6.       Arsenal – Armored Choir (1990) Melodic Metal

7.       Asight Unseen – Circus of Shame (1991) Funk Metal

8.       Atomic Opera – For Madmen Only (1994) Stoner Rock

9.       Barren Cross – Atomic Arena (1988) Melodic Metal

10.   Beckett – Beckett (1989) AOR

11.   Bjorn Stigsson – Together With Friends (1987) Hard Rock

12.   Bloodgood – Bloodgood (1986) Melodic Metal

13.   The Brave – Battle Cries (1992) Hard Rock

14.   Bride – Snakes in the Playground (1992) Sleaze Rock

15.   Broken – Discerning the Times (1995) Glam

16.   Chryztyne – Tales of Paradise (1993) Glam

17.   Creed (Germany) – Sign of Victory (1990) Hard Rock

18.   Crucial Kick – In Your Faith (1994) Hard Rock

19.   Crystavox – Crystavox (1990) Glam

20.   Daniel Band – Rise Up (1986) Melodic Metal

21.   David Zaffiro – The Other Side (1989) Glam

22.   DeGarmo & Key – DeGarmo & Key (1987) AOR

23.   Die Happy – Die Happy, Vol II (1993) Stoner Rock

24.   DigHayZoose – Struggle Fish (1991) Funk Metal

25.   Dreamer – Full Metal Racket (1991) Glam

26.   Eternal Ryte – World Requiem (1990) Glam

27.   Fear Not – Fear Not (1993) Sleaze Rock

28.   Fighter – The Waiting (1991) AOR

29.   Force 3 – Warrior of Light (1988) Melodic Metal

30.   Gideon’s Army – Warriors of Love (1985) AOR

31.   Guardian – Fire and Love (1991) Sleaze Rock

32.   Halo – Halo (1990) AOR

33.   Haven – Your Dying Day (1990) Melodic Metal

34.   Holy Soldier – Holy Soldier (1990) Glam

35.   Idle Cure – 2nd Avenue (1990) Hard Rock

36.   Imagine This – Imagine This (1993) Funk Metal

37.   JAG – The Only World In Town (1991) AOR

38.   Jeff Scheetz – Woodpecker Stomp (1990) Instrumental Wizard

39.   Jerusalem – Dancing on the Head of the Serpent (1987) Glam

40.   Jet Circus – Step On It (1990) Hard Rock

41.   John Elefante – Windows of Heaven (1995) AOR

42.   Joshua – Intense Defense (1988) Melodic Metal

43.   Justice – Counting Down (1990) Glam

44.   Ken Tamplin – Tamplin (1993) Glam

45.   Killed By Cain – Killed By Cain (1993) Hard Rock

46.   King James – King James (1994) Glam

47.   Lanny Cordola – Electric Warrior, Acoustic Saint (1991) Instrumental Wizard

48.   Legacy – Legacy (1989) Melodic Metal

49.   Legend – Legend (1992) Hard Rock

50.   Leviticus – Setting Fire to the Earth (1987) Glam

51.   Liaison – Hard Hitter (1993) Hard Rock

52.   Lightforce – Mystical Thieves (1989) Melodic Metal

53.   Love Life – Goodbye Lady Jane (1991) Glam

54.   LoveWar – Soak Your Brain (1993) Stoner Rock

55.   Mad At The World – Boomerang (1991) Hard Rock

56.   Magdallan – Big Bang (1992) Glam

57.   Margaret Becker – Fight for God (1987) AOR

58.   Mark Pogue & Fortress – Restoration (1991) AOR

59.   Mastedon – It’s a Jungle Out There (1989) Hard Rock

60.   Messiah Prophet – Master of the Metal (1986) Melodic Metal

61.   Michael Gleason – Children of Choices (1990) AOR

62.   Michael Sweet – Michael Sweet (1994) Hard Rock

63.   Michael W Smith – The Big Picture (1986) Hi-Tech AOR

64.   Motherlode – The Sanctuary (1986) Hard Rock

65.   Mylon & Broken Heart – Crack the Sky (1987) Hi-Tech AOR

66.   Neon Cross – Neon Cross (1987) Melodic Metal

67.   Nouveaux – Beginnings (1994) Hard Rock

68.   Novella – One Big Sky (1991) Glam

69.   One Bad Pig – Swine Flew (1990) Hard Rock

70.   Petra – On Fire! (1988) Hard Rock

71.   Rage of Angels – Rage of Angels (1989) Glam

72.   Ransom – Ransom (1991) Glam

73.   Recon – Behind Enemy Lines (1990) Melodic Metal

74.   Red Sea – Blood (1994) Stoner Rock

75.   Rez – Silence Screams (1988) Sleaze Rock

76.   Rick Cua – Wear Your Colors (1986) AOR

77.   Rosanna’s Raiders – Calling Down Fire (1988) Hard Rock

78.   Rose – Healing (1993) Stoner Metal

79.   Ruscha – Come Alive (1988) Hard Rock

80.   Russ Taff – Medals (1985) Hi-Tech AOR

81.   Sacred Warrior – Obsessions (1991) Melodic Metal

82.   Saint – Time’s End (1986) Melodic Metal

83.   Scarlet Red – Don’t Dance With Danger (1989) Glam

84.   Seraiah – Seraiah (1992) Hard Rock

85.   Shout – It Won’t Be Long (1988) Glam

86.   Siloam – Sweet Destiny (1991) Sleaze Rock

87.   Steve Camp – Fire and Ice (1987) Hi-Tech AOR

88.   Sure Conviction – Get Ready (1995) Hard Rock

89.   Tourniquet – Stop the Bleeding (1990) Melodic Metal

90.   Trytan – Celestial Messenger (1987) Prog

91.   Undercover – Balance of Power (1990) Hard Rock

92.   Uthanda – Groove (1991) Hard Rock

93.   Vision – Vision (1985) Hard Rock

94.   Watchmen – Generation (1989) Melodic Metal

95.   White Heart – Freedom (1989) AOR

96.   Whitecross – Triumphant Return (1989) Glam

97.   X-Sinner – Get It (1989) Hard Rock

98.   Xalt – Under the Ruins (1990) Melodic Metal

99.   XT – Tax Free (1993) Hard Rock

100.                       Zaxas – The Anvil (1995) Prog

101.                       Zion – Thunder from the Mountain (1989) Glam


Acknowledgment: Stryper – To Hell With the Devil (1986) Glam

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I would add

Rob Rock power metal


John Schlitt

Some says Kings X

and Impellitteri are 

Edited by Doggy
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7 minutes ago, Doggy said:

I would add

Rob Rock power metal


John Schlitt

Some says Kings X

and Impellitteri are 

Good picks. I missed Rachel Rachel and they should be there. Annoying.

Rob Rock didn't release until after 1995. I don't have John Schiltt solo albums...

Kings X and Impellitteri are primarily in general market, like Stryper.

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definitely passing on this one lol. I wouldnt have a clue. Don't really like Christian bands. 

I have actually only heard 1 of those albums and thats Mastedon

If there are any which sound like that without silly lyrics I'd be interested 

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8 minutes ago, Glen said:

definitely passing on this one lol. I wouldnt have a clue. Don't really like Christian bands. 

I have actually only heard 1 of those albums and thats Mastedon

If there are any which sound like that without silly lyrics I'd be interested 

Each to their own 😉

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1 hour ago, Glen said:

are there any similar to Mastedon ?

Petra's On Fire is very similar. Same producer. I think Idle Cure "2nd Avenue" and Nouveaux are also similar, with that hard AOR sound. Liaison's Hard Hitter is also in that category, and the vocalist from X-Sinner sang on the Mastedon title track, but they have more of an early Def Leppard sound meets Brian Johnson type singer. The X-Sinner track "Livin on the Edge" could come off Pyromania or a Mastedon album.

But Mastedon were really a cut above most groups anywhere. Their second album Lofcaudio is just as good.

You will struggle with the lyrics of all the above if you listen too hard though. 

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Some really great albums in this list. Mastedon, Michael W. Smith, White Heart, The Brave, Rick Cua, Petra, Nouveaux and the mighty John Elefante have all released some absolute killer albums over the years, whether your into your CCM or not. 

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