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Manic - Excise For An Exit


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This is the first song of my daughter's partners band - Excuse For An Exit.

For those who remember, my daughter, Paris, was in Greyview and they release an album a year or so ago.
A few months ago they broke up, so she is looking at getting a new band together, playing guitar rather than bass this time.

Anyway, I like this song quite a lot. See what you think.
Paris makes an appearance at the 1:00 minute mark with a guitar.
clip was made with restrictions in place obviously.


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I remember the Greyview video you posted and that was cool. This one however is next level. Great track. Transitioning from bass to guitar. You're daughter is very talented and I'm sure your passion for music played a huge part in hers. Nice one mate. You should be very proud.

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haha Not really, she went all indie-punk-modern with a bit id screamo nixed in,

That said, she;s been to a Kiss concert with me and was looking at coming to Legacy Of The Beast tour before it got postponed to 2021 (likely 2022 in Australian leg)

What I am most proud of is that she is still very anti drugs which is kinda big in the scene she's in.

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I dig it. Good chorus. The vocals seem a little quiet to me in the verses but maybe what they're after? 

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