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Art vs Artist

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I'm torn. I love these tracks, but don't listen to them very often and I don't have any "Lost Prophets" albums in any format. Even listening to these tracks now, it's impossible to not think of the absolute evil. Michael Jackson songs (which I grew up with) are also tainted due to the "allegations"






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I think the only punishment for peaodaphilia is death and would be happy if it was dished out to all convicted peaodaphiles. 

But, for whatever reason, I can easily separate that from my enjoyment of a bunch of excellent songs that these guys recorded. And I think therein lies part of the reason why. These guys were a band of five guys and four of these guys were as disgusted by their lead singer's actions as the rest of us were. It's not just one person we're listening to. 

End of the day, a good song is a good song and for better or worse I have no issue whatsoever separating that from whatever else. 

In a really random bit of trivia, and again for a reason I'll never be able to explain, but 'Rooftops' is probably the song I most frequently have stuck in my head, of all songs, at all sorts of random times. Who knows why. 

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This is one of the reasons that I pay very little attention to the artists behind the music as a few of them are not very good people....I just want to hear the music and to hell with all the noise behind the scenes....this is why I can watch The Cosby Show episodes and enjoy them despite Cosby being a predator.....

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