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If there was one band........

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22 minutes ago, Kristian said:

Josh Caddy you mean :-)

But why is he in jail, what did he do?

Two sexual assault charges. He did seven years. I'm pretty sure he got out in 2018.

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Um, yeah, lol
Soz Josh Todd if you read this.
Funny thing is Josh Caddy bears the same name as an AFL football player over here. Remember struggling to get info on what happened years ago, because I kept on getting hits on the footballer.

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On 3/30/2020 at 5:32 AM, Kristian said:

I had no idea, what a waste of talent.

Yeah, from memory at least one was underage as well.
recall at the time that the band made the announcemnet taht "there were some things that they just counldn't forgive and move on from" or something like that. Created an intrigue to want to know what went on, sad to find out and left a bitter taste.

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    • Who are Mike and Terry on this board? Sorry being a newcomer I don't really know people's real names.
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