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2020 Donation Drive Postponed


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People have more important concerns and priorities to spend their money on than some stupid music forum on the Interwebz, so I'm postponing the annual donation drive until later in the year (TBD).

Stay safe out there, folks...

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  • My Little Pony

But how will I get my banner? 


I'm almost exclusively on the mobile site, so I don't even see those things anymore. Anyway, I appreciate your understanding in these uncertain times. 

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  • 2023 Gold Donors

Absolutely appreciate the gesture, but the fact is that you're doing it just as hard as the rest of us at the moment. Donation drive or not I've thrown a small amount your way. Hopefully some of the more prolific posters will do the same. In this time especially,  an oasis of sanity like this site is very much appreciated and needed.

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