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Smash Into Pieces - Arcadia


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New album 'Arcadia' out August 28th.

Pre-order here: https://www.merch-buddy.com/smashintopieces


1 Intro: The Siren 

2 Wake Up 

3 Arcadia 

4 Everything They S4y 

5 All Eyes On You 

6 Forever Alone 

7 The Chosen Ones 

8 Godsent 

9 Ego 

10 Bend The Rules 

11 Big Bang 

12 Counting On Me 

13 Mad World 




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This arrived from the band yesterday,its brilliant,not my usual thing but I love the way they mix rock,dance,retro,techno etc together and it just works,sounds like a soundtrack to a movie or indeed a video game...fav track by a mile is Big Bang but there are so many good ones such as Counting On Me,the production is solid and that beat...ohh yes,love it,maybe not everyones cuppa tea but it is for me,liked the last few releases,a nice change,but this is their best so far to my ears.

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