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There's this dude on a fan website called thepetrazone.net and he likes to jump on every post I make and add his own 'opinion' or thoughts on it, which of course sounds perfectly fine but he never has a positive answer to what I post!! It's always something to disagree or turn something down, and it's so frustrating!!!!!!!!! I've been taking a break from it--(I used to go on there pretty much every day, so it's sitting on my front screen in my bookmarks and it's VERY hard to resist) He told me I need to 'grow up' & 'get a thicker skin' & 'face the real world' which is pretty humiliating & embarrassing, since 1.The whole petrazone can see it, since it wasn't a PM or anything. 2.I don't get offended by anything, and kind of pride myself on being more grown up than most people my age (I'm 13) these days. So being told I need to get better at both is terrible. 3.Who really wants to be told that, especially by the most annoying person ever, and IN FRONT OF 825 Petheads?!? Not me.  I really hope that Brent doesn't have an account on here too 🙆‍♀️

But I'll actually have to thank him when I go back on & I have no idea where to start on it especially since I DO NOT want to, but it's necessary since he made me notice how I do need to 'grow up'.

Peace & love, guys, lov'n the flamefest!! 

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Arguing on the internet is of no interest and adds no value to yourself.


Sounds like this individual is a very unlikable person and is trolling you.


Keep your chin up, stay positive and another old saying "Don't wrestle a pig in the mud. Win or lose the pig loves it".

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39 minutes ago, PetraGirl86 said:

That's a pretty good way to put it. The pig thing. It's very true. Nevertheless I still kinda could grow up 😒

Don't believe the hype growing up is no picnic and nothing to race toward, trust me I know.


Enjoy your youth while its still there and try not to worry about being grown or growing up as life has a way of passing you by and before you know it you'll be old like me with teenage kids of your own...


Speaking of fun sayings here's a good one: "Being older doesn't mean your any smarter just means you'll die sooner".

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Ok, so turned out he didn't even know I was a girl, in the first place, so, that's one reason, two, he didn't know I was 13 either and so imagine a grown man arguing with you about Stryper, sounding like, well, me, and that's what you thought. Well, it all started cause I said Michael and Kyle Sweet were the perfect couple and accidentally wrote 'are' so I changed that after he brought it up, then I said Michael Sweet was really cute, & Kyle was really pretty, but then he said the forum wasn't junior high, well I thought he was saying I'm too young for it or something but no, he didn't understand it was a 13 year old girl so I don't blame him anymore. I've just had too much experience with arguing with him and he always wins, and embarrasses me. But I understand he didn't know me. He had a grown guy in mind lol. Plus it's just plain hard when you can't hear the person or see them and can only imagine them being the snobbiest person they can be 😂 Well anyway I finally went back on after a week or two (which is SO not me) and I had a bunch of notifications and stuff and I got emotional and bawled silently like a baby 😂 And long story, but 'we're all alright!'

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Take it from me...

None of this will matter in another decade; you'll kinda just hit a point where you realise you have better things to worry about than the opinions of (literally) only a handful of people. It's all too easy to take things personally as a kid, but as you grow up you'll gain a new perspective, and appreciation, for just how big the world is. 

Ignore the negativity and surround yourself with positive people, and you'll have more positive feelings yourself :)  

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