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Petra fans??

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Comment if you're a Petra fan 😁😁

For those of you who commented, when was the moment you became a Petra fan? Did you grow up with it perhaps? A friend recommended them? You bought the album for fun? Whatever your story, I'd like to hear it! Also, if you're not already a member, you should check out thepetrazone.net- it's a great place for Petra fans!! 


Its completely free to join, so let people know you're a Petra fan by registering!! =D =D =D 

Diehardpetrafan: ) is my username btw for those of you who are interested ;P

I became a Petra fan by hearing Unseen Power in March and wanting to hear the whole thing on YouTube in April I instead found this: 

And then I was hooked for three months straight! : D

Love hearing from ya! 

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Yep. Two very different eras of the band IMO, the earlier material with Greg X. Volz on vocals, and the later John Schlitt material. My favorite albums as complete albums are the Elefante Brothers produced releases, Beyond Belief and Unseen Power. The earlier material has some great individual songs such as Grave Robber and The Colouring Song.

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Yeah, I prefer John but Greg is good too. My favorite is hands down Back to the Street, but This Means War! & On Fire! are really great too 😁

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  • My Little Pony

I sorta grew up with it. My dad had a friend who would make mixtapes for my brother and I. The only bands I can recall on them were White Heart, some local band called Hokus Pick Manouver, and Petra. I guess my young ears preferred the heavier side of Rock.

The first full album I remember listening to was Wake Up Call; my brother got it for his birday. Then we got No Doubt in 1995, and I bought my first ever cassette that year, as well -- John Schlitt's "Shake," of course.

I was a Pet-head in my early years, but by the late 90s I stopped listening to them, as their sound changed. 

I'll bust out an album every now and then, but not too often; however, I catch myself singing their songs all the time. They've def left an impression I'll never shake, and, therefore, I consider them among my favourite bands. 

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Nice, I haven't exactly listened to everything, because I don't like how their sound changed later on either, and I prefer their harder stuff with John, Greg's a little bit more synthy, and I don't like that as much- it's not Petra to me. I'm collecting all albums from Back To The Street through Wake Up Call. I just need On Fire!, This Means War!, & Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out. Then I'll be complete- but I want Beat The System too, once I'm done with collecting the John albums I want I'll listen to more of Greg's stuff. 

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