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Name The Band Challenge


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Okay, I'm bored. Having said that,  I've always thought it would good to have some sort of quiz here on HH, but it's too easy these days to Google things, so I  thought i'd come up with some "cryptic" phrases to describe certain band names. They're all well known bands from our music. I've put down ten and I'll reveal the ones that haven't been guessed correctly in 24 hours from this post. See how you go!

1 - Regina's Empire

2- Indian Church Singers

3 - Coiled Nun

4- Omegax2 Lid

5- Red Eye Band

6- 25th & 20th

7 - Unlawful Hangmen

8 - Harmful Playthings 

9- Midget Emperor

10 - El Fuego's Abode

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33 minutes ago, Crazysam said:

You have me stumped on #'s 1, 4 and 5.  I think I know the others but I will only take a guess on one so as to allow others to try there hand at it.  I believe # 2 is Bangalore Choir

You got it mate!

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Okay here's the answers. All guessed correctly except for two. Number five was a bit tricky, but I thought someone would have guessed number one. Thanks to those who participated! 

1 - Queensryche     (Regina is Latin for Queen. Reich is German for Empire)

2 - Bangalore Choir

3 - Twisted Sister

4 - ZZ Top

5 - Night Flight Orchestra     (An overnight air trip is generally known as the "red eye")

6 - Y&T

7 - Lynch Mob

8 - Dangerous Toys

9 - Little Caeser

10- Firehouse 


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