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Saliva - 10 Lives


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New album 19th October

Saw they have a limited release with a different album cover for some reason.

This info is from Blabbermouth....

SALIVA to Release '10 Lives' Album In October

Long-running rockers SALIVA will release their tenth studio record, titled "10 Lives", on October 19 via Megaforce Records. The disc was produced by frontman Bobby Amaru and Steve Perreira in Jacksonville, Florida and is a labor of love that took nearly a year to make.

Featuring SALIVA's trademark, no-holds-barred sound, "10 Lives" is described in a press release as "quite possibly the band's most energetic, catchy offering yet." The effort contains "14 single-worthy anthems comprised of earworm hooks, shredding solos and razor-sharp production."

The band says: "This is the tenth record for us — we call it '10 Lives'. The title represents where we are at in the band's career. We feel stronger than ever... '10 Lives' is about never giving up and grinding daily. We love making new records for the fans who continue to support the band through it all. This will not be the last!"

"10 Lives" track listing:



01. Domination 
02. Only The Strong Survive 
03. Some Shit About Love 
04. Close to the Ledge 
05. One More Night 
06. Helpless 
07. Epidemic 
08. Gone Away 
09. The Warning 
10. The Snake 
11. Make You Famous 
12. Pissed 
13. When I'm Gone 
14. Some Thing About Love

Formed in 1996, SALIVA broke out into the mainstream in 2001 when the band's angsty hard rock pummeling helped earn a double-platinum certification for its sophomore album, "Every Six Seconds". The band followed with seven more heavy-hitting albums released between 2002 and 2016 and a greatest-hits collection in 2010.

SALIVA is currently on tour in the U.S.


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Wow, I missed this one. I always kinda enjoy their releases so I'll check it out. I can't believe how little attention I've paid for the last 5 or so years, but I for one, never knew they had a new lead singer. And two, I never realised it was the lead singer of a band who released a great modern rock album a few years back. Anyone remember Amaru - 'Love, Lies & Tragedy?'

I haven't heard it for a few years because it got trapped on an old Ipod that died, but just re-listening to a few tracks on that link, I think it was a pretty damn good modern rock album. Far better than Saliva. ;)

Another interesting piece of trivia being that Saliva actually released their own album called 'Love, Lies & Tragedy' only a few years ago. Though it has nothing in common at all with the Amaru album of the same name. Shame they didn't just record it, lol. Give it a proper release, as I think it was only ever a digital album. 


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59 minutes ago, CureTheSane said:

I saw them live last year.

Were very good.

Had the new singer for a while now

Yeah, since 2012. I had no idea, lol. 

How much were concert tickets out of curiosity? I don't think I'd go to see them specifically as they don't have enough songs I like, but I'd defo look in if they were at a festival or something. 

You ever heard Amaru? They were great. 

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