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Osukaru - House Of Mirrors


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From Osukaru FB:

Swedish melodic rock band Osukaru will release the follow up album to last years highly successful "The Labyrinth" on September 28th of this year. The new album "House of Mirrors" consists of 11 tracks produced by founder / guitarist Oz Osukaru and singer Fredrik Werner, mixed by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg and mastered by Kristian Fyhr at Fyhr Music Productions.

"With 'House of Mirrors' I think we finally figured out how to combine the melodic AOR elements from our 2012 debut album 'Salvation' with the rawer groovy edge of 'The Labyrinth', yet still include something completely fresh" says Oz Osukaru. "In that way, this could easily be the spiritual successor to our debut, yet stand its own ground. I know a lot of bands have said this about their new release and all, yet I never have. Not until now that is because this is without a doubt our best album so far!"

Singer and co-producer Fredrik Werner joins in: "This album marks the completion of what has been shining through here and there on previous releases. It has a mixture of melody and raw attitude which reflects my personal influences very well", he says. "You won’t know what hit you by the time you reach the last track on our, in my opinion, most solid AOR experience to date."

The cover artwork was created by Oz himself, this time working out the concept with his manager / fiancée Adrienne Hawe, starring model Emelie Blidmark.

"Just coming off 'The Labyrinth" which has our most iconic album cover to date, I didn't want to go back to how I created them before, nor did I want to try and remake our last one either" says Oz. "This was a hard nut to crack but with fresh feedback from Adrienne as well as us both going through some of the classic album covers within our genre, I finally found inspiration to, together with my very good friend and model Emelie Blidmark, create what I believe matches the quality of 'The Labyrinth', if not even surpasses it."

"House of Mirrors" drops on CD and digital September 28th via City of Lights Records all over the globe.

First single "MacGyver It" will premiere on The Steve Price Rock Show onARFM tomorrow, Saturday August 11th and be officially released on Monday, August 13th.

Pre-orders for "House of Mirrors" are up at https://osukaru.bandcamp.com/album/house-of-mirrors and everyone who orders a copy before September 1st will receive it before the tour officially kicks off in Barcelona, Spain on September 10th.

Osukaru is:

Oz Osukaru - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Fredrik Werner - lead vocals, guitar
Olof Gadd - bass, backing vocals
Vidar Mårtensson - drums, percussion




01. Past the Present [intro]
02. You've Been Waiting
03. Ritual
04. Ain't Too Late (For Love)
05. Inception - featuring Anna Savage of Vanity BLVD
06. Until Forever Ends
07. All Guns Blazing - featuring Magnus Mild of Air Raid
08. MacGyver It
09. Red Heat 
10. X Marks the Spot
11. Felicity Drive

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Jeez, I wonder if I'm in the minority in my absolute glee that the female singer is gone? I have been a very big fan of this band, but the albums with the female vocals have been a long way off their other stuff and imo she was definitely bringing them down. Harsh, but true, imo.

Based on those two new songs, it's sounding pretty good. Nice fresh, ballsy sound and as the write-up says, a bit of a return to their earlier sound - which is far better than their last couple of albums. 

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Really good album. Definite return to form here. This was an excellent band, but they kind of lost their way with the whole female vocal era, with some odd choices. It just wasn't for me, but now that the female vocals are gone, it's just down to proper melodic rock business. Good production and a great ballsy sound. Love the music on here... only slight "thing" is that a few choruses just kind of blend into the verses and you're halfway through before you're all like, "oh, this is actually the chorus." But that's not quite as bad as it sounds. The verses are very strong with nice backing vocal melodies popping up anywhere any time, so it's just a good flow of goodness. 

Real nice album.  

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