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Ace Frehley - Spaceman


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Ace's solo from '78 and the first Frehley's Comet release are still my favorites from him outside of KISS.  He put this new track out yesterday and is apparently planning on releasing a new album this summer/fall.


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Ace is really an acquired taste.
He's a pretty bad vocalist, disguised by having a unique style.
78 solo was good, a few of his Kiss songs were good.

First real solo album was ok, second one not so much, then i lost interest.
I have seen that he's up to like Fractures 8 or something. The first song was nice, but never needed a sequel.

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Track listing and release date (October 19) were made available for Ace's upcoming album "Spaceman".  Gene Simmons performs on and co-wrote a track or two.  




  1. Without You I'm Nothing 
  2. Rockin' With the Boys 
  3. Your Wish Is My Command 
  4. Bronx Boy 
  5. Pursuit Of Rock and Roll 
  6. I Wanna Go Back (Cover: Eddie Money)
  7. Mission To Mars 
  8. Off My Back 
  9. Quantum Flux



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8 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

That artwork is bad.

Looks like someone with a passing knowledge of Photoshop did it for him and could not even be bothered downloading new fonts.

lol. yeah looks like the guitar was added at the last minute

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