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New Purge Movie AND TV Series


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The Purge TV series has found its lead actors. Gabriel Chavarria (East Los High) and Jessica Garza (Six) have been tapped as the male and female leads respectively of Blumhouse's upcoming small screen take on their successful horror franchise. The series has been in the works for quite some time, but now with the two leads in place, the series looks to be firmly moving forward.

The casting brings with it some of the first story details for this Purge TV series. According to Deadline, Gabriel Chavarria will play a character by the name of a Miguel. He's described as a Marine with a "hard edge and a noble mission." He receives a cryptic letter from his little sister, Penelope, which is where Jessica Garza comes into play. Penelope reportedly belongs to a "Purge-worshiping cult" and has pledged herself as a sacrifice to the cult's leader. Her faith in this cult will be put to the test when she experiences the realities of the annual Purge. As for Miguel, he returns to town on Purge Night, fully prepared to face the violence in the streets in order to protect his family.

It now sounds like The Purge TV series will focus much more on the actual annual night of government-sanctioned murder than previously expected. Last October, Blumhouse head Jason Blum talked a bit about what to expect from the show and stated that they plan to explore what happens the rest of the year when people aren't legally allowed to commit crime for 12-hours. Here's what he had to say while speaking with Den of Geek.

"We're working on kind of exploring what it's like to live the rest of the year in a world where you can kill someone on a certain day of the year. It definitely makes you think twice if you're driving and you give someone the finger or something like that. So we're definitely thinking about different things that might happen in a society where killing was legal 12 hours a year. There are a lot of things that you don't think about. You could commit a murder, and then somehow make it seem like it happened on Purge Night and get away with it. There are a lot of things that you can do with that idea, and we're trying to think of all those different situations in that world."
As for when we can expect to see The Purge on the small screen? According to this new report, Blumhouse, SyFy and USA hope to have the series ready to debut alongside the upcoming prequel and latest installment in the movie franchise, The First Purge. That movie is set to arrive on July 4, so we could be just a few months away from seeing the first episode of The Purge TV series.

Franchise creator James DeMonaco created the Purge series and will oversee the show. DeMonaco's longtime producing partner Sebastien K. Lemercier, who has worked on The Purge movies as well, will executive produce the show. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as more information on the series is made available. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.

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Really enjoyed the first and third movies (just couldn't get into the second one for some reason), so I'm game for a 4th installment and tv series.  Bless the New Founding Fathers! :P


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1 hour ago, whiplash1972 said:

Really enjoyed the first and third movies (just couldn't get into the second one for some reason), so I'm game for a 4th installment and tv series.  Bless the New Founding Fathers! :P


Check out The Belko Experiment if you haven't already.

In the same vein as The Purge movies. They're making a sequel for that as well.

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