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Obscure soundtrack songs


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You ever hear a song that was only in one film and never anywhere else? Not on an official soundtrack CD or any of the band's releases?  I found one such AOR song recently: David Morgan-Thunder Run, it was played during the end credits of the 1986 Cannon film of the same name. However I can't find out any info on David Morgan(pretty sure it's not this guy by the same name:https://www.allmusic.com/artist/david-morgan-mn0000028395), no album releases or anything, he only ever did that one song it seems:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIktzuz7vqg


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2 hours ago, gener8tr said:

Not sure if these have been released elsewhere, but they came to mind as soon as I saw the thread title:

"Holiday Road" Lindsay Buckingham

"Up The Creek" Cheap Trick

Both great songs but officially released on vinyl (OST & 7")

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On 1/22/2018 at 11:20 AM, Ralfster said:

Both great songs but officially released on vinyl (OST & 7")


I'm sure I was thinking about a CD release.

Speaking of soundtracks never released on CD, how in the world was Karate Kid II not pressed on Compact Disc?  I mean in 1986 CD's were at their apex. 

I'm going to guess it had something to due with Peter Cetera not wanting his first solo release to be in competition with itself since both "albums" included GLORY OF LOVE.  Anyone know for certain?

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I and a fellow brother in arms hounded and scoured the internet and beyond forever and 10 days trying to locate material by the "band" Trikk Toyzz. This was a Simon Steele affair that can only be assumed thrown together for the Decline Of Western Civ Pt 2 movie. The 3 tracks in the movie didn't make the soundtrack and they are great.

They can be heard in and around the Gazarri parts and if memory serves one of the songs is actually called the Gazaari Shuffle or strut?


You can see the band and song titles mentioned in the credits of the film.


We actually spoke to Penolope Spheeris at one point but she was very elusive and almost defensive when we questioned her about the songs.



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