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Smoke Hollow - Salvation


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Smoke Hollow - Salvation


01. Hate by Design
02. No Way Out
03. Nowhere to Run
04. Edge of Tomorrow
05. Demons
06. Smoke Hollow
07. Salvation
08. Shadows
09. Fight Never Ends
10. Cross That Line


Formed in 2015, SMOKE HOLLOW plays what is described in a press release as "expertly crafted, contemporary good old-fashioned rockin' metal." The band's sound consists of "crushing drums, pounding bass, and enormous riffs with unforgettable melodies."

"Salvation" was produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier, who has previously worked with LYNCH MOB, PRONG and KXM, among others.

Two songs from the upcoming disc, "Edge Of Tomorrow" and "Nowhere To Run", can be streamed below.

In a 2016 interview with Teenview Music, Exall stated about SMOKE HOLLOW: "We got together with these cats named Jason Williams and Ralf Mueggler and we started churning out some music and it really turned into something."

He continued: "We wanted to make sure it didn't sound like TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION and it didn't sound like KILL DEVIL HILL. It's got its own legs, man. It's going to be awesome. It's hard to describe because I get all excited! I get all tongue-tied about it!"




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I don't hear much grunge in this. I hear a little black label society, with some down/stoner metal and a little alice in chains thrown in. But i hear a lot more heavy metal than grunge influence.

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