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I Am The Pilot - Crashing Into Consciousness


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Remember those 1 cent auction from JayandMarie on Ebay years ago? I won quite a bit of those auctions and got them for practically shipping costs only. I intentionally aimed for the less or completely unknown releases, just for fun. Now I'm cleaning my CD collection and getting rid of the not-so-good stuff. Working my way through the letter 'I', this came to my attention: I Am The Pilot.


Seemingly their only full length release (2007) and I was a little suprised that I liked it. I've completely forgot about it.


I may keep this one.






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I feel like I've tried these guys out, but maybe not. I like it. They sound like a "typical" band from that era, like a Roses Are Red or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or something. Neither band is great, and nor are these guys, but I still like this sound. They're worth checking out.

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