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Okay mate, all your previous duds are forgiven. ;) Loving the sound of this one. Sounds a bit like Coldrain mixed with Dead By April. You know how much of their stuff is in English? I just found a link for their discography if people are interested in what they've released:




Judging by the song names it seems like most their albums are in English. I'll check these guys out for sure.

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Oh yum, I really like that too. The first song is basically an Asian Story Of The Year song, circa their debut era. The dude is definitely not a vocal powerhouse by any means, but what he lacks in vocal ability, he and the band make up for in every other area. Love the whole vibe and I'll check out Supe too, if I can track it down...

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So, I ordered the Supa album for a great price from eBay, and I listened to 'Quattro' and 'Evo Era.' I really hope some more people check these guys out. 'Quattro' is a really good, almost eclectic kind of modern rock disc. It's not perfect, but it has a great charm about it. And there are some killer tunes.


The new one 'Evo:Era,' released this year, is pretty awesome. There's a lot of layers to it and I can't wait to listen to it a hundred more times, but it's really cool. They confused me a bit as I'm pretty sure there's some Jap lyrics in the track 'Calling,' but I couldn't hear it anywhere else on the two discs. But that said, I couldn't understand everything either. Which is definitely not an accent thing... just first listen, I guess. But I hope I can post a few more songs from this new album 'Evo:Era.' A few more people need to check these guys out... namely, Gotthardline, Justin and maybe even Glen.


Okay, so finding more tracks didn't really work as most songs aren't on youtube. But possibly my favourite tune was there, so check out this one from the new album;



The one thing I would strongly advise about this track, is not to take too much note of all the lyrics. This is the one song I was talking about above, where he seems to go in and out of English and (I assume) Japanese. It's weird, because as far as I could tell, this happens on no other songs at all I heard today. So I think this is just a once off. Still a great song, though, so I guess there's enough English in it.

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