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Asia - Aqua - special edition

Dead Planet

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I picked this cd up several years ago and just got around to spinning it today....it is the only Asia release I own .... I was expecting a lot of crappy pop music but I am pleasantly surprised to find that it actually rocks quite nicely....so I have to ask the forum a few questions...is this release an anomaly? Are all their releases like this? What others should I consider picking up? Cheers and thanks....





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Definitely pick up the other John Payne Era releases as they are all excellent 'Aria' 'Arena' and the brilliant 'Aura'. Of the John Wetton era, definitely go for the S/T, 'Alpha' and 'Astra'. Of the newer stuff i'd be a little more wary as it is a little hit and miss in spots, although there are good moments on all the recent albums.

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I started with the first Wetton albums, and could never get into the John Payne era (and I heard most of them).


All those wonderful, natural early melodies just weren't there anymore.


And I can also back up the comment that there's some great tracks on the newer Wetton albums, but also ome more mellow material (still good) compared to the early stuff. Their most recent album, "Gravitas" is the only one I haven't tried yet.

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