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DGM - The Passage


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I apologize if there's already a topic on this, couldn't find anything using the search. This is advertised as a prog album but from what I've heard this sounds so great and melodic that I hope a lot of guys on here will like it as much as I did (not really a ''prog'' fan myself but this really intrigued me). This one kind of went by me but I was just on the Frontiers Youtube channel checking some of their videos from the past few weeks and this band / project caught my attention. The album's coming out in two weeks and I am so getting this:








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At 8 minutes 24 seconds, 'The Secret Part I' won't be receiving radio airplay any time soon and is in my book about as progressive as it gets. That's not to say I don't like this.... in fact Simo is right, this should appeal to melodic music fans more generally, especially those who are into the melodic metal scene. Good stuff.

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Not liking the new track as much. It sounds more like a ''typical'' prog track which I'm not too crazy about. It does have its moments after the proggy beginning though, but I still hope this track is just an exception compared to the rest of the album

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