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Five years ago Jani Lane died


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I remember VERY well being first introduced to the music of Warrant early in the summer of 1989. I purchased the cassette tape almost immediately and absolutely played the living hell out of that one. DRFSR, New Jersey, Skid Row and Twice Shy were in pretty much constant rotation in my Celica's cassette deck all summer long. Good times!

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Thanks for posting. Took me a long while to get into Warrant. Never much liked their debut initially, besides Big Talk. And all the goofy Warrant photos in Metal Edge annoyed me somewhat. Love everything they released with Lane now, of course. Even like the post Lane releases.


But Lane ultimately is peerless within this genre and really deserved widespread critical acclaim beyond it as well. The consummate troubled genius.


One of the few celebrities along with John Candy and Patrick Swayze, where I felt genuine sadness upon hearing of his death.


I desperately await for someone to officially release Jabberwocky and/or anything else he has in the vault.


RIP Jani.

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Over here, the first I heard of Warrant was Cherry Pie pretty much.

No Heaven etc.

Then they decided to tour Australia, so I went out and bought DRFSR and binge listened.

Went to the concert with a bunch of friends who didn't do this and I got twice as much out of the concert :)

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A real shame he didn't leave the earth with a discography more worthy of his talent. What he left behind was great, but I wish there was more.

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