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Dead Planet

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Not sure why I didn't comment on this thread. They were a good band. Released some great stuff early on, when they were a rock band. I particularly love this song;



Magnificent stuff. They used to be a good rock band, and I saw them live as a good rock band.


However, their previous album was very poor and disappointing. Like so many modern rock bands they have steered well away from the "rock" part of their sound. But if you thought the last album was shit, be prepared to be even further sickened by the new one. There's no point highlighting these types of albums to the masses, but if anyone is interested, they have a new piece of shit of whoops I mean album out there;




1 - Hard Times
2 - Rose-Colored Boy
3 - Told You So
4 - Forgiveness
5 - Fake Happy
6 - 26
7 - Pool
8 - Grudges
9 - Caught In the Middle
10 - Idle Worship
11 - No Friend
12 - Tell Me How
I hate all the songs but if you forced me to chose my "favourite" it would be this one;
And this is some of the other shit on the album;
What on earth happens to a band that they fall this far? They were a genuinely good modern rock band. Now? It's fucking horrid retro pop or some shit. I don't even know what you call that anymore. It's such a ballsmack to the face of any of their original fans. Fuck them and what they've become.
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