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LOADED GUN - Loaded Gun (2016)


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LOADED GUN - Loaded Gun (2016)




Hailing from New Jersey, US, LOADED GUN released by themselves their self-titled debut some months ago, but now Perris Records has picked up the band and released the album worldwide.


If you're one of those people that wish for the past and ask 'Why can't they make music like they used to?' then you'll be interested in "Loaded Gun", a straight-forward brand of ’80s influenced hard rock.


Yes, they take inspiration from every band of the era and genre but they do it so well that you don't really care. Loaded Gun already supported Lynch Mob, Lillian Axe, Raven, etc, and contributed with a version of Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City to the Still Of The Night: A Millennium Tribute To Whitesnake.


You know from the album cover that this will be classy hard rock and when you see the band members in Poison and While Lion T-shirts then you know exactly what you're getting and they don't really disappoint throughout this 10 track album.


Tenor bluesy vocals, strong riffs, tales of love and/or sex all wrapped in a tin marked RnR are the order of the day and at various points you'll be getting some Warrant ('Lie Alone'), Great White ('Addicted'), LA Guns (in title track 'Loaded Gun') and a little The Cult in the darker 'The System Has Failed' - and all at harder side, not their cheesiest.




Of course, you get the obligatory ballad - 'You Were Mine', in the vein of Cinderella - and while it might not replace the classics of their era for you, it certainly has enough to shine the light on the band for being more than just a bog-standard act of sexual deviants as is often the case with young band chasing and trying to recreate the hard rock dream.


They even go through some more 'metal' moments in a song such as 'Revolution', while 'She Likes Thunder And Lightning' delves in to the '70s blockbusters of bands such as The Sweet.


Loaded Gun seem to have all the ingredients to produce an album of note in the near future - they need a renowned producer and polish some vocal arrangements - but this self-titled debut rocks with lots of melody and effective riffs, delivered with the unpolluted spirit of a band hungry for glory.


"Loaded Gun" is Classic US Hard Rock done from the heart, and as said, Rocks.


01 - Addicted
02 - Loaded Gun
03 - Slow Love
04 - You Were Mine
05 - Lie Alone
06 - Hard Candy Blues
07 - The Beast Inside
08 - Revolution
09 - She Likes Thunder and Lightning
10 - The System Has Failed


Ed Owens – lead vocals
Dave Classen – guitars
Matt Flanigan – guitars
Stevie Lang – bass
Vinnie Costanzo – drums




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