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I thought Cocaine Cowboys was quite terrible. Please tell me their other stuff is better.


I want Cocaine Cowboys. I have Rock N Roll, which I think is cool. I was under the impression Cocaine Cowboys was the better of the two.

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songwise both albums are good to great - they don't sound like a million bucks and are kept rather simple, but sooner or later some of the choruses are so infectious, you start to hear them in your head. production-wise Rock 'n' Roll sounds a little better, Cocaine Cowboy is pretty much a bunch of demo recordings of different origins put together on one CD. there are a lot of strange noises, pops, clicks, distortion and overlaying frequencies, but then again you can't compare indies to major label releases. and when you know certain details you appreciate them even more. for example: the singer never went into a proper vocal booth to record his stuff for both discs, he just sang straight into the mixing console/board. that might explain why he sounds like he's singing inside a tunnel - but it produces a totally unique sound.

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