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Slayer – Repentless

Dead Planet

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No Way, God Hates Us All rocked, I think every CD has some ultimate songs, then some sorry ass shit songs, but Flesh Storm fucking rocked, and off their last disc, Playing With Dolls was one of their best songs in their discography, up there with Dead Skin Mask, at least their not like Venom, Venom couldnt even pull a single and I mean SINGLE!! song out that was listenable, or "good" off their previous 2 discs, the last Venom disc didnt have any "stand out" tracks, but it fucking went back to the garage balls out rock sound, and kind of impressed me, I bet Slayer puts 3 or 4 decent songs on this new album, they have yet to release a full album of garbage.


And.. Their still one of the best live bands ive ever seen, and ive seen them 9 times now, they certainly keep it moving, even though I was absolutely furious they didnt lead off with or even play Flesh Storm at their last concert, I was sincerely pissed off over that, if I had ran into Tom I would have just given him a slap, or 2 slaps, right in his face.

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Well yeah, their old shits legendary, I mean Voivod's song called Voivod, and Slayers Evil Has No Boundaries are my favorite 2 thrash songs ever, that's of all time, I heard them both when I was 5 years old, this was even before that faithful summer day, my dad opened all the windows and dropped Black Metal on the Record player, at volume 20! those 2 songs were like the songs that I heard and new right then and there I was a rocker, a metal head, and above and beyond all, a fucking scum bag headbanger, regardless of what I look like, or what sports I played, or girls I banged, I was always a straight up fucking metal head, what a great pair of songs, now I cant listen to 1 without the other, kind of funny, I thought Satan was so awesome, and just fucking loved getting my satanic shit in on the Mormons whenever I possibly could, Slayer are legends, Icons, Voivod should be, so I will listen to and buy every Slayer release until the day they get over on me, and I drop the disk in, and some fucking clean alternative guitar leads the cd off, followed by 10 more top 40 songs, I'd say never but you know its happened to me once before, so never say never(im sure at least one of you can guess what im talking about) and no matter how ridiculous Venom is, I have yet to hear one single song that doesnt just fucking rock, it might suck cock, but it rocks!! these are infinite legends~~~

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