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Recent Retrospect/Sam/Jared bruhaha


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Holy shit, thanks mate. I worked hard (pun intended) on getting my penis looking good for that flick too, so thank fuck you stood up for me, man. Thanks. I owe you one. We should totally hang soon.


Thread/s sound like it would have been good fun. I'll chime in with Jeff who stated above his disappointment for stuff like this being removed from the forum. I'd find great pleasure in going through it and chuckling. And guys, you know I love to chuckle. You remember how much we chuckled when we were shooting 'Guys will be girls,' Cody? And then the sequel, 'Cock on Cock.' Man we had some good times just chuckling and chuckling over and over again.


Anyway, typical. I am on this forum most every night. I go away for a month or so (penis reduction surgery, fyi) and I miss the only intense battle of the entire year. Unbelievable.

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Well brining Jeff in for that sequel was near genius, and I think thats what sparked Sammy boy off the deep end, no pun, he saw the production value I brought, and the level of talent being produced with G-Off and Jeff in the same flick, and got greedy, wanted exclusive rights when he wouldnt put down a dime to shoot Guys Will Be Girls, anyways, he's just sad cause of the many millions he missed out on by not being a "Team Player" and so Sam, hope you learned your lesson and we can all move on from this, I bet you'll offer to fund our latest project, Take It Like A Man!! drop a line sammy boy

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