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Strangers - Survival


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From FB:


Strangers is a rock band that began to form in March 2010 in Madrid, following the composition ideas of Miguel Martin (guitar), who started the project along with other musicians.

Throughout two years of experiments Strangers suffers comings and goings of members until 2012, when the band achieves a strong formation on the hands of Belen Ballesteros (voice), Miguel Martin (guitar), Daniel SanMiguel (Bass), Carlos Jimenez (Keyboards) and Abel Ramos (Drums). This pushes them to perform live shows for a year, getting known and sharing the stage with major national and international bands, always faithful to their melodic hard-rock style.

In summer 2013, Belen has to leave the band and Strangers embarks on his first LP recording with a new singer: Oscar O'brien, who brings male voice with a distinct style. Their first album "Emotions" is recorded and self-released at Anhell Studios after two months of working with producer Ángel Muñoz. The album is released in November of that year making Strangers visible in the hard-rock scene nationally and internationally. Following the release of the album the band goes again into a Spanish live tour promoting it and showing their professional quality, sharing the stage once again with large bands of their style until 2015 when they decide to compose a second LP called “Survival”. Recorded between June and August 2015 in “Anhell studios” and “Twin Studios” in Spain and mixed and mastered in “Blowout Studios” in Stockholm. The band is currently working on the new LP tour.










01. Never Stop
02. Venom
03. Angel
04. Stand By
05. Burning Within
06. Forever
07. Beyond Your Eyes
08. Heroes
09. Light
10. Dreamer



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Kind of on the fence between AOR and Hard(ish) Rock

Guess it's more AOR, which is a shame because I'd like to hear some solid thuderous production for that song.

Not a bad tune though. One of those bands where you need a lyric sheet to understand what they're on about.

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