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Tommy Henriksen - Tommy Tommy Tommy


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Pretty good stuff.

From bellyacherecords.com:

Tommy Henriksen is the global Everyman. To sit in conversation with the affable, outgoing Port Jefferson, NY native (and proud resident of his adopted homeland of Switzerland), one might never know that he is the longtime guitarist for the iconic Alice Cooper, or a world-renowned producer and songwriter, having collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Halestorm, and Lou Reed, among others. Up front, Henriksen just seems like an average, hardworking guy who loves his job, loves his family, and loves life in general.
Tommy Tommy Tommy, which makes its vinyl debut on Bellyache Records, is an eclectic, heartfelt testament to Henriksen’s indomitable spirit. Its ten tracks are a collective celebration of the artist’s legion of influences, many of whom are also saluted by name in the catchy, upbeat folk-rock homage “All My Heroes.” The anthemic hyper-pop of the single “Give’M Hell” personifies Henriksen’s lust for life; its companion video, shot on the streets of Zurich, is supporting evidence of his love for Switzerland and its people. The lush, hazy lullaby “Mr. Finn” is Henriksen’s touching tribute to family and fatherhood. Electro-infused bangers “We Let It Rock,” “Ima Alien” and “Your Cannonball” effortlessly balance their sleek production with gritty, raucous rock attitude. Brimming with positive energy, Tommy Tommy Tommy is every bit a reflection of its namesake: a sincere, heart-on-sleeve ode to life, love, and the spirit of rock & roll.




1. We Let It Rock
2. Teenage Kicks Part 2
3. Give ‘M Hell
4. Big Guns, Big Fun
5. Ima Alien
6. Your Cannonball
7. Boys Just Wanna Have Sex
8. 21st Century Dopes
9. All My Heroes
10. Mr. Finn

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Pretty patchy collection of songs and I'm far from convinced about those vocals, but yeah, definitely gotta admit I like that 'Give 'em Hell' song. 'Ima alien' is pretty cool too.

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