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Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

Guest MalcolmTucker

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Guest MalcolmTucker

Yesterday, while I was listening some Jay Graydon songs on Youtube, I stumbled completely by accident on these guys. Although the album isn't anything out of this world, it's probably a must listen by anyone who enjoys keyboard-driven AOR (and I think that's pretty much everyone here); and if that's not your thing, this disc still has some brilliant moments anyway. According to Google, although the album wasn't published until '94, the band formed back in 1988 in the UK under the name of Frozen Heart (yes,they were name after FM's song) After releasing a relatively successful EP titled 'Shout It To the Top' and facing some internal problems, they underwent a line-up shakeup in 1992 and renamed the band as Walk the Wire.
The album starts with this song (only after the typical filler/intro of this kind of albums):


...and to be honest it all goes a bit downhill until the 6th or 7th track, when the songs start to be better and better, just to finish the album with what probably is the hit of the album:

...and after this song, whatever happened to WTW or any of its members, God knows. Anyway, I think the album is interesting enough to have its own thread (and, apparently, it didn't till now).
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Guest MalcolmTucker

I've had Atlantic's record for a long time, and there was a time when I almost knew by heart 'Hands of Fate' and 'Power over Me'. Regardless of how much you like WTW, I think that anyone would agree that Atlantic's album is above this one.


Never listened to Passion Street, though. Thanks for the recommendation Maarten!

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Yeah this one isn't bad. No major highlights for me but a good solid british AOR disc and not too different from the Passion Street album that Maarten mentioned. I'd probably rate Passion Street over this one though. Strangely this album was reissued a few years back by Yesterock...just seemed like a strange choice for a reissue.

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Yes, good stuff! If you enjoy this band check out Atlantic - Power and Passion Street - Million Miles Away. Same country, same release year, same style...

They're two fantastic albums.


As for Walk The Wire, I went through mountains and valleys to get this one but ended up pretty disappointed with it, and I think I actually ended up selling/trading it. Not because it was awful... I must just have got a good offer. Could never find a stand out track on this one.

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I would rate them like this:


1. Atlantic

2. Passion Street

3. Walk The Wire


A shame those bands never released a follow-up (unless I missed something...).


MalcolmTucker, off-topic - but since you are located there, is Sun Records in Madrid still in business? I tried to contact that store, but the email address provided on the site seems to be out of order.





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Unless they've closed about the beginning of July, yep, it's still open. What address have you tried Maarten?


I used the one that is on the website: sunrecor@arrakis.es - should that be sunrecords@arrakis.es?


A friend of mine here in the Netherlands has mailed them several times, but never got a reply. He then asked a Spanish eBay seller about this, who told him Sun Records does not sell outside of Spain and ignores emails from abroad.


I did some CD trading with (I think it was) the owner of Sun Records at the Utrecht recordfair, but that was years ago and I haven't been in contact with him since then. Just recently I googled a CD I was looking for and found it at that website.

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The production/sound quality of the original is far from perfect but still enjoyable. Reading your comment about the reissue, I think you will prefer the first pressing. They pop up on eBay and similar sites occasionally, but almost always expensive. Maybe someone here on HH is willing to sell you a copy for a reasonable price.

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Try this one Maarten: sunrecor@hotmail.es

If that one doesn't work, you tell me and the next time I pop in there, I'll ask them whether they do overseas orders.


More than a week has passed since I emailed them and I haven't received a reply. Please ask them about international orders next time you visit the store. Thanks!

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