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Push UK - Past Into The Future


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From rockposer.wordpress.com:


In September 2015, AorBlvd Records will re-release the remastered, repackaged, re-titled (and enhanced) deluxe edition of Push UK‘s debut CD ‘Strange World‘.


Rechristened ‘Past Into The Future‘ – this new edition sports fresh artwork, a comprehensive biography of the band with rare photos from the 80s, and a selection of bonus tracks comprising demos from the original session, alternate versions and new tracks recorded in 2015.The now out of print ‘Strange World‘ was the first release from specialist melodic rock label AorBlvd Records and has been long out of print demanding big sums on eBay. With this in mind, label owners Paul Rudland and Kelv Hellrazer feel that now is the time to re-release this highly praised aor classic.


Emerging in the mid 80s with bands such as Shy and FM, Push UK sporting the vocals of American David Saylor, they played a brand of melodic aor (that while influenced from the US) had a distinct British flavour.


It is a true diamond in the history of UK aor gems. With guitars by Nick Lloyd and Brett Hammond ,Paul Pryor and Rob Hewins forming the impressive rhythm section this disc boasts classic tracks including “Stand Up And Fight”, “Strange World” and “Miracle Of Love”, the latter sporting an amazing keyboard hook that practically defines aor and will transport the listener back to 1985!


This deluxe collectors edition is limited to a pressing of only *500 copies and is sure to sell out quickly.


Aor fans are urged to seek it out without delay to avoid disappointment!


Push UK are:-
David Saylor – Lead and Backing Vocals, & Guitar.
Brett Hammond – Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals.
Paul Pryor – Bass & Backing Vocals.
Rob Hewins -Drums & Backing Vocals.
Nik Lloyd – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.



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Guest MalcolmTucker

Seems it's the same album. Great news they re-issue this kind of albums that become so difficult to find over time.

Btw. I regret to contradict the info you posted Stefan, but David Sailor is actually Spanish (he was born in the USA, but his mother is Spanish and he grew up in Spain) :D

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1. Stand Up And Fight
2. Miracle Of Love
3. Burning Desire
4. Strange World
5. Hannah
6. All I Can Give
7. Secret Lover
8. Man On The Other Side
9. Voices Calling

10. Given It Away
11. I Believe In You (new recording)
12. Walls Keep Falling Down (new recording)
13. So I Pray (new recording)
14. I Can Fly (new recording)
15. Miracle Of Love (saxophone version)
16. Stand Up And Fight (1987 demo)
17. Staying Alive (1986 demo)
18. Secret Lover (unplugged version)




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I am very fond of the first tune... if you can get past the fact that it sounds like a demo recorded in 1985. That is some shit sound quality / production. Is that what we're dealing with here, for the actual release?

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