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Triosphere - The Heart Of The Matter


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I don't know if this band has ever been discussed on here, and frankly it would shock the fuck out of me to find out that nobody knew who they were, I just cant comprehend that being the case, I really didn't even know how to classify them, to post this, but this was the most accurate genre I thought of, I had never heard of this band, couldn't find anything about them on here, hell didn't even find their Cd's on HH, the guy at the local CD shop who knows me, and knows my taste in music put a copy in front of me, and told me some guy just sold it, and he had listened to it, and was completely impressed, so he played it for me, I didn't even have to finish the 1st song, I bought it and was out of there jamming it in my system in my Jeep, these guys are fucking awesome, I am never so turned onto a band at 1st listen, maybe im just in a really good mood today, but I fucking love this band, these songs are so fucking catchy, and good, and this band is so talented, it's just a excellent fucking quality album, by an extremely talented group of musicians, I know its not the taste of everyone on here, but people like Jez, and you guys that are into a little more of the prog stuff, do you know about these guys? have you heard this disc? I see it looks like there are a couple prior releases, how do those fair to this mind blowing album? I really want to know about these guys, somebody inform me, and if anyone is really interested and can't find any samples, I will make a few, but here is the lead off track from the disc.




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Never heard of em but found a good description at metal-archives.com.

They're Norway female-fronted prog/power metal, so I assume they're in the similar genre as Symphony X, Kamelot, or Pagan's Mind. Pretty cool track and looks like there are two favorable reviews there too, will check out the whole album

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I cant stop listening to this disc, I fucking LOVE!! It, this song embodies everything I love about this band, and this chorus puts on display what will soon be Triosphere's trademark sound, absolutely killer shit.


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