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Constancia - Final Curtain


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From melodicrock.com:


MelodicRock Records will release the brand new studio album from Swedish melodic hard rockersCONSTANCIA on July 10.
Their new album is ‘Final Curtain’, which is the long awaited sequel to the first album ‘Lost And Gone’(Frontiers/King Records, 2009).
David Fremberg: vocals (Andromeda)
Janne Stark: guitar (Grand Design, Overdrive, Locomotive Breath)
Mikael Rosengren: keyboards (Token, Scudiero)
Linus Abrahamsson: bass (Andromeda)
TrumPeter Svensson: drums (Faith, Mercy, Locomotive Breath)








Special Edition Track Listing (Featuring 3 exclusive bonus tracls! Limited Edition):
01. Don't Tread On My Heart
02. Spectres
03. Way To Life
04. Live A Lie
05. Hang Tough
06. Lucidia
07. Hold On My Heart
08. Greyhound Therapy
09. Lies Within Lies
(Bonus Track)
10. Little Fighter
11. In Your Eyes
12. Final Curtain
13. Wake Up Dreaming
(Bonus Track)
14. Trail Of Tears (Bonus Track)(Feat. Michael Mueller-Jaded Heart)




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Well fancy that. Who'd have thunk it? I was actually listening to the debut about a month ago. It's a good strong disc. I like the sound of the new tunes too. Should be a nice disc, I dare say. Looking forward to it.

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Well, here is one that I missed......never heard the debut. Very refreshing sound that will definitely enjoy a place in my collection.......

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Nice. Very good tune.


Sounding a bit Jules-ish (White Widdow) in those lead vocals.

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Well, this one's really quite nice. Anyone else heard it, and if so, anyone else picking up a strong White Widdow vibe in places? 'Don't tread on my heart,' 'Way to life,' 'Live a lie' and 'Hang tough' all really sound like White Widdow to me.


Anyway, no clunkers on this one, but 'Lucidia' and 'Hold on my heart' (despite the questionable chorus lyric) are my favourite songs on this one. Nice album.

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