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NitroDive - Re-Evolution


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From FB:

NitroDive are finally back with their second album “Re-Evolution” due to be released on December 3rd. The album is recorded, mixed and produced by the Swedish Grammy award winner Thomas ”Plec” Johansson.

"Raw, distorted and explosive. In the making of Re-Evolution we have applied what we learned from being on the road for so long and managed to create a garage rock album with killer melodies and utmost intense play" NitroDive

Their debut album “Survival of the Fittest” went straight to the top of the Hard Rock top list and topped at 14 on the Swedish Top list when it was released in October 2011. The living hard rock legend Danko Jones contributed by singing back-up vocals on the single "Get Out of the Way" and the track was frequently played on radio stations around the country. The band has been touring in Sweden and Europe with bands like Crucified Barbara, Hardcore Superstar and Arch Enemy. NitroDive is the given choice for those who like stripped back Rock/Alternative music.

The band:
Albert Norberg - Guitars & Lead vocals
Robert Johnson - Bass & Vocals
Johan Gren - Drums & Vocals




1. Re-Evolutions
2. Dance
3. Back To Stay
4. Dead Or Alive

5. Someday

6. Woman

7. Wake Up

8. Bad Blood

9. Because Of You

10. Dying To Live

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Had a listen to a pre-release of this one quite a while back.

Wasn't really pure sleaze or rock n roll. I thought it has a hardcore superstar meets the living end sorta feel to it.

Whilst I quite liked their sound I did think the tracks were all too similar. A bit of variety would have done wonders for the album.

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