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Corvus - Chasing Miracles


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From FB:


'Corvus is a new act that has been put together by ex-Serpentine guitarist John Clews. Alongside Clews are Ciaran James, Nick Jeavons and Jordan Brown, with the demos being recorded under the watchful eye of Hanging Doll's Alex Cooper. The overall feel is a smooth colourful palate of AOR that will tick all the right boxes as far as the average AORster is concerned. The smooth lower register vocals of James are complimented by slick harmonies that impress the most on the complex ballad 'Truth or Lies'. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album 'Chasing Miracles' which will be available soon.' (Rob Evans, Powerplay Magazine)




Ciaran James - Lead Vocals

John Clews - Guitar/Vocals

Nick Jeavons - Keyboards/Vocals J

ordan Brown - Bass Guitar/Vocals









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Really weak lead vocals, but otherwise it does sound pretty decent. I wonder if the rest of the band calls their lead singer "Vagina Thief," as I'm not sure vagina would be throwing itself at the rest of those guys from the IT department... I mean from the rest of the band.

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Oh wow, those lyrics are as bad as it gets outside of christianity. They are dreadful. And I still just don't like those vocals at all. BUT! But, I actually like the song. It's a very nice melodic rock song, despite the bad vocals and worse lyrics

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