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Sleazy Way Out - Satisfy Me


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From FB:


Born in the rock 'n' roll capital of Canada, Montreal, in December of 2011, Sleazy Way Out satisfies a need for a return to kick ass , sleazy rock 'n' roll. Bringing together members of varied musical backgrounds, Sleazy Way Out is the answer for anyone craving infectious tunes with the perfect mix of sleaze and groove...

Rehearsals and song writing started in the winter of 2012, with the band concentrating on perfecting the Sleazy Way Out sound. The band has quickly earned the reputation of "a kick ass live band" and continues to win new fans with every show they play.

2012 saw the band kick ass across the region in the "summer of sleaze".2 demo songs were posted online to meet the demand for content from the band. The songs were well received and, due to popular demand, the band made them downloadable. With hundreds of plays in just over 1 month, the band is currently planning the next stage in their quest for domination of the rock 'n' roll scene.



Stacey Sleaze -lead screamer
Xavier - subsonic groove master
Cleve -g strings and things
Dany - skins, sticks and tricks










Born To Booze

Satisfy Me

All The Way To Heaven

I Want It


Wasted Chance

Hotter Than Fire

Rock The Groove

Goin' Wild

Voodoo Queen



Listen to the album here: https://sleazywayout.bandcamp.com/releases



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Band photo looks cool and the album cover is cool too, but the video is awful and the band photo looks more like a good product of Photoshop. The song is kind of okay, but the lead vocals kill it for me. I try to avoid stuff like this nowadays.

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