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Like A Storm - Awaken the Fire


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Only one spin so far but this is some pretty good stuff. I really liked their 'End of the Beginning' disc from back in '09. This one probably isn't better but it's hard to compare because it has been so long since I played the debut. Good solid album anyway, both heavy and melodic at times. I look forward to more spins soon.

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Looks like the Industria brand from Future Boy Conan.

Wot u talkin bout ?


Anyway I see why no one cares because there was already a topic about this album created amongst the 70,000 topics that have been created this month. Its about 12 pages down in the AOR/HR section. Things are getting pushed down this list fast on these forums now. It's good that every new release is getting a mention but maybe it's quantity over quality in some ways. Just a thought.

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  • My Little Pony

Yup. It's what Russ and I were saying on the 2015 releases thread.

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