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MISS CRAZY "Inception" (2014)


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Didn't see a thread on this, so it might have got lost in the year end shuffle. But Miss Crazy has released their 2nd disc of 2014, this one called "Inception". This follows the release "Resurrection Hard Rock", which was released earlier in 2014.




courtesy of Hard Rock Haven: http://hardrockhaven.net/online/2014/09/miss-crazy-inception-cd-review/

Miss Crazy | Inception


by Derric Miller
– Managing Editor –
How many bands are to the point where they are putting out multiple albums per year?
Well, it wasn’t too many months ago that Hardrock Haven covered Miss Crazy’s 2014 release Resurrection Hard Rock, and lo and behold … they already have a new album out! This one is called Inception, and where Resurrection Hard Rock was the heavier side of the Hard Rock coin, Inception leans a little more on the Glam, pomp and anthems that make this genre so much damn fun to crank.
The band also loudly hails their inspirations on two tracks—KISS and Ozzy—but that comes later.
“Ready to Go” blasts the party off, a chugging, grooving anthem that is the kind of composition Miss Crazy always excels at. Lead singer Marcus Allen Christopher deftly weaves between his lower, somewhat sultry vocal style and his higher pitched Tom Keifer/Brian Johnson edge. The breakdown in this track will remind you of all the great ’80s hits. Miss Crazy makes it look easy …
Their first video is for the song “Love Me Hate Me.” If you’ve been a fan of the band for a while, relationships are often the theme of their songs, as far back as tracks like “Mow” or “Livin’ Without You” off of II. “Love Me Hate Me” is a more heated track, heavier, with Christopher channeling Robert Plant at times. The idea here is the demolition of a relationship, and if you hate love, this song is your best friend. (Besides booze, obviously.)
“All Canadian Man” is an homage to KISS, the Paul Stanley fronted hit “All American Man.” Anyone who knows Christopher understands he got into music because of KISS, but very few people probably knew he could clone Stanley’s vocals if called upon. This sounds almost EXACTLY like “All American Man,” sonically and vocally … it’s almost eerie.
“She Said She Loves Me” has a bit of a Firehouse groove, as far as the excellent backing harmonies, but the verses are Christopher employing his shredding vocal style again, although he carries the melody even if his voice has a serrated edge. Having three guys in the band who can play guitar allows the band to fill your head with rhythmic riffs and stellar leads and solos that make the songs sound enormous. One of the highlights on Inception for sure.
When you get to “Ozzy Osbourne,” you might wonder what to expect. But don’t worry, this is the Jake E. Lee period, as you can tell by the perfect riffs the band tears into. While Christopher pulls off a wicked homage to Ozzy vocally, his Paul Stanley is more spot on. At under three minutes, you’ll go back to this one again and again. “I am everything you need, I see you going crazy,” is the perfect chorus to a tribute to Ozzy song.
Now, the best song Miss Crazy has written or released in years is “Hail Bruce Lee.”
You could find it on their release Grip, but if you haven’t heard it, they were brilliant including this song on Inception. The track is all crescendo, dark, violent, something some NFLer listens to before beating his women and children first. (See, a Van Halen reference and social commentary dissection all in one line!) “Hail Bruce Lee” is something you just need to hear; words don’t do it justice. It’s a freakin’ perfect Hard Rock construction, from the vocals to the solos to the lyrics.
Miss Crazy is and has been one of the unheralded heroes of the Hard Rock genre. They keep pumping out high quality music, they don’t take themselves seriously, and they never even release an “average” studio album. It’s high time you start paying attention to Miss Crazy; start with Inception and work your way back to their self-titled debut.
Genre: Hard Rock
Marcus Allen Christopher—guitar, lead vocals
Alan Perrault—drums
Eric Morrison—guitar, vocals
Jeff Jones—guitar, vocals
Chris Stringari—bass, vocals
Track listing:
1. Ready to Go
2. Hate Me Love Me
3. The Madness
4. All Canadian Man
5. No Love For Me
6. Said She Loves Me
7. I Wanna Be Free
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Feelin Good
10. Hail Bruce Lee (2014)
Label: M!ss Crazy Records
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They're just one of "those" bands, hey? All those songs are cool - and exactly like all their other stuff. They do create good music, I won't deny. But they're just kind of stuck in the rutt of being one of those 70-75% type bands that are good, but kind of get long amongst the better stuff.


I will try to make an effort to check the two albums out as it is pleasing stuff. I hope the production is not as bad as it sounds in those clips, though.


Oh, and seriously... how stupid is the make-up? Why bother? They just look like a budget, unoriginal, bored and tired version of kiss. The effort they'd go through for the make-up, I can assure them, is not worth the effort.

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It just looks dumb and you have to put it into perspective too. I can't say for sure as I've obviously never seen these guys, but I assume they're playing to rooms with crowds that are smaller than the amount of minutes it would take to apply the stupid make-up. And you can rest assured that every single person there just wants to hear their songs, and that the make-up plays no part in what they think of their songs. I just don't know why you'd bother...

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