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Two Metallica Fanboys re-record "St. Anger"... and it's ac

Fat Freddy

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(I ran out of space in the topic heading... it should read, "...and it's actually not that bad!")


Just in case you missed this in my "writings on HubPages" thread... a couple of British Metallica fanboys took it upon themselves to re-record the mostly awful "St. Anger" album with better production and sound quality, then they posted it on YouTube... and y'know what? It's actually a decent listen!!


Maybe the old saying is wrong... you can polish a turd. :lol:


Nah, but seriously, the cleaner production may make it more listenable (thankfully they did away with the most irritating feature of the original album, which was the tinny "CLANG-CLANG-CLANG" drum sound), but it doesn't save the worst of the songs, many of which are still kinda weak. Still 'n' all, I'd rather listen to this version rather than the original album any day of the week and twice on Sunday.





Further info:




Check it out for yourself here:

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So this has been floating about online for a bit now, has/have anyone seen any chime in from the Metallica camp?


Not so far, anyway... I imagine they must be aware of it, at least, cuz the players said they had to get permission from Q-Prime (Metallica's management) in order to post the recording on YouTube.

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I agree--this ain't that bad at all!! Totally annihilates the original version (which, granted, wasn't difficult to do). I haven't listened to the original since the day it came out, but I could see myself revisiting this re-recording a time or two.

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According to the "#STANGER2015" Facebook page (yep, that's the official name for the project, hashtag 'n' all), they got word today from Q-Prime that James Hetfield himself has heard the re-do and he gave it the thumbs-up...

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You can try, but you can't polish a turd ;)


Sure you can. This re-recording proves it. It's still a turd, but now it's a polished turd. :rofl2:

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